Sonya Deville
Source: @WrestleOps, Twitter, Screenshot

Reports recently surfaced that Sonya Deville sustained an injury during the SmackDown before this past weekend’s SummerSlam event. The WWE Superstar took to social media to confirm it.

Sonya Deville Confirms ACL Injury

While reports were buzzing about her injury this weekend, one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions confirmed it last night, via social media. She notes in the post that she suffered a torn ACL during her SmackDown match against Charlotte and Bianca Belair.

The WWE star goes on to say in the social media video that she’ll go into surgery Monday, August 7th. She also took the time to thank the fans who sent her well wishes and supported her.

Deville notes that this is her first injury in wrestling, as well as “sports” in general. She states that it’s very “disappointing” and the timing bad, but also notes that it is never a good time to get injured.

Sonya Deville
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

After all, she just snagged her first gold in the WWE, the Women’s Tag Titles. She notes she and Chelsea Green have held the championships for 20 “something” days.

Still, the WWE star does say that her life has been a journey of trials and tribulations, and everyone goes through ups and downs. She also reveals that something about “who she is”, is that she loves being tested.

She loves testing her strength and willpower, as well as her physical and mental “durability”. She states that coming back from this will give her more passion and motivation for wrestling.

Sonya Deville
Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

It’s interesting to note that she started off her post saying that “obviously” the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, cursed. She then said, “Just kidding … not really”.

Whether or not those championships are cursed, on behalf of everyone here at WNZ, we wish Sonya a smooth road to recovery. We cannot wait to see what you accomplish once you get healed and return to the ring.