Huge Opportunity For New Tag Champs
source: @stephaniehypes, twitter, screenshot

After yet another title change, is there a huge opportunity for new tag champs?

This is worth a bit of a discussion.

For years and years, the women’s division in WWE was just for singles.

After some pushing, the company finally created the long-awaited tag team titles for the women to chase.

However…for a variety of reasons…the titles maybe haven’t quite done for the Women’s Division what the same belts mean within the men’s side of things.

The questionable consistency within the tag team ranks has garnered some interesting comments, including some recently.

Huge Opportunity For New Tag Champs
source: @stephaniehypes, twitter, screenshot

And, unless you’ve missed it, we’ve also seen a bunch of title changes in recent months.

The belts went from Raquel and Liv, to Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler…and back to Raquel and Liv…and then on RAW, we got new champs yet again.

This time around, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green went home with the belts. And now we ask…

Huge Opportunity For New Tag Champs?

According to WrestleVotes, there could be a massive push, relatively speaking, coming for both women.

In a lot of pro wrestling scenarios, after a stretch of a lot of title changes in short order, we settle on a champion (or champions) that gets a nice stable run.

So, check this from the source:

My thoughts?

Stability is good, as will be a substantial run.

Huge Opportunity For New Tag Champs
source: @wwenz, twitter, screenshot

For Deville, a lengthy run with gold is well-deserved and arguably long overdue.

As for Chelsea Green, this is a big moment for her after some tough luck.

Having this duo get a months-long run could be great for them, and for the belts, especially if it comes with some epic defenses.

Think about it…after the 2023 WWE Draft, there are some truly legitimate women’s tag teams on the “main” roster.

Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, for one. Carter and Chance too.

And we can’t forget Indi Hartwell and Candace LeRae.

Plus, as we know WWE tends to do…others will be thrown together as they see fit.

But right there are three ready-made and competent teams ready to challenge, and we as fans could really benefit.