Karen Jarrett
Source: AEW, YouTube, Screenshot

Karen Jarrett was asked a rather rude and inappropriate question during an AEW Q&A, but she absolutely destroyed the fan for his remarks.

Karen Jarrett Gets Better Of Rude Question During AEW Q&A

Before All In began, AEW arrived early to promo the event. Therefore, a ton of wrestlers and other members of the company were spotted all over England.

Even though she was not booked on the show ahead of time, Karen Jarrett was there with her husband, Jeff Jarrett. They took part in a Q&A with fans.

Now, this is supposed to be a chance for fans to ask questions while having fun. There were the typical questions many are prepared to answer.

Although, there was one person in attendance who decided an inappropriate question would be enough. Basically, he wanted to know if Karen preferred Jeff Jarrett or Kurt Angle in bed.

Yes, a question that nobody saw coming.

“Billy? What’s his name? Billy, who am I sitting next to right now? That should answer your question,” said Karen Jarrett.

We guess the person’s name is Billy, but it is was hard to tell. Once he asked that to Karen, the person handling the microphone went to another person.

Karen Jarrett
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You have to give Karen credit for not letting the fan ruin a good time. 

For those unaware, Karen was initially married to Kurt. They divorced during their time in Impact Wrestling and Jeff ended up marrying Karen down the road.

It made Impact Wrestling not look great. Jeff was sent home for a bit, but eventually the entire thing turned into an angle. Go figure.

During the All In pre-show, Karen Jarrett was part of an in-ring segment. Basically, the heels were dropped by Paul Wight and few other faces. 

Karen Jarrett
Source: AEW, YouTube, Screenshot

So, does anyone else think Karen Jarrett could have handled the situation any better?