Hulk Hogan
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WWE icon Hulk Hogan recently sat down to talk to Muscle and Health, opening up about his battle with prescription pills after a number of surgeries he’s undergone over the years.

Hulk Hogan Battled Prescription Pill Addiction

The Hulkster notes during his interview that he had doctors “writing” him prescription after prescription, where it became a “vicious cycle”. He notes he was “hitting” the pain pills hard, as he’s endured 25 procedures over time.

He listed 10 surgeries for his back, hip, and knee replacements, shoulder and abdominal procedures, as well as facial operations. The WWE Hall of Famer states in the interview that there was a time, about five to six years back, when he was in a “crazy” amount of pain where he couldn’t function.

The Immortal One states that when you have back surgeries, it takes about a year for the body to recover. Still, he notes that he was undergoing surgery about every four months, which is why he needed pain medication.

Hulk Hogan
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Still, he reveals that once things began to wind down, doctors still continued giving him the same medications. The Hulkster goes on to say that it got to a point where he recovered from his last surgery and the pharmacy would still call saying that his prescriptions were ready.

He notes that “like a dog chasing a bone”, he’d instantly go to pick up the pills. The former WWE champion states that he finally realized he didn’t need the pain meds and opted for CBD to relieve his pain.

Hulk Hogan
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The WWE star says that his inflammation “instantly” went away with CBD. He goes on to state that his wrists used to be considerably swollen by the end of the day, but now they are good.

He noticed this change immediately after started on CBD. The Hulkster recently announced his new CBD product line in May and has lost about 40 pounds with all the lifestyle changes he’s made.