Creed Brothers
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The Creed Brothers took part in a loser leaves NXT match and they did not come out as the victors. So, are they headed for either RAW or SmackDown?

Spoiler On Creed Brothers Future After Loser Leaves NXT Bout

When WWE completely changed the format of NXT, it took fans awhile to get accustomed. Many of the previous names were gone and the current wrestlers were new to fans.

It has taken time, but NXT seems to be improving almost weekly. 

Now, that brings us to the latest episode of NXT. After months of feuding, the Creed Brothers took on the Dyad. It was booked as the losers leave NXT, with the Dyad winning. 

The Dyad earning the victory was a bit surprising. Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler have let fans know they plan to leave WWE when their deals end in a few months.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided an update. They noted while the Creed Brothers did lose, they might not be headed to RAW or SmackDown as many thought.

Creed Brothers
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“One person very close to the situation was outright that it’s an angle and they will be back,” the report stated. “This could be real or it could be those in charge at NXT telling people a story because of the idea they want to keep it a secret.” 

“But, I’m not sure why you’d bother with the loser leaves town match already taking place. Another person who would be in a situation where they should know said that the final decision hasn’t been made.”

The real life brothers joined WWE as part of Roderick Strong’s Diamond Mine stable. They would eventually capture the NXT Tag Team Championships and won the 2022 Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament.

Creed Brothers
Source: @_PWChronicle, Twitter, Screenshot

Whether the Creed Brothers stay in NXT or head to the main roster, they should find great success.

So, do you think the Creed Brothers should remain in NXT or are they ready to showcase their skills to a larger audience?