Ricochet And Logan Paul Got Heated
source: @pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

These two had one of the more talked about spots from Money In The Bank, but it didn’t go smoothly…and that’s probably why Ricochet and Logan Paul got heated.

Let’s rewind back to what went down in London on Saturday.

Or, even a little before that.

With the inclusion of Ricochet in this year’s ladder match, fans knew we’d see something amazing.

Then, when WWE inserted Logan Paul into the same match? It was a mortal lock, and a good bet that Ricochet and Logan Paul would give us a spot to remember.

After all…we all saw what they did in the 2023 Royal Rumble…and that had no ladders.

Now, the spot in question did get set up, but did not go quite as hoped.

Watching it live, it looked awesome, but damn near scary.

Slow motion replay showed just how narrowly a crisis was likely averted.

And that is possibly why…

Ricochet And Logan Paul Got Heated
source: @pwchronicle, twitter, screenshot

Ricochet And Logan Paul Got Heated

The post-match clip was shown to fans on RAW, of the two Superstars brawling in the back.

Now, with a couple days since the near-botch, Logan Paul fired up his latest podcast to discuss.

He confirmed what we all knew-that it was indeed not as planned. Considering that you were aiming for two Superstars to land, from a falling ladder, onto a steel cable that has some spring to it…and for that to go perfect?

Odds were stacked against them.

Ricochet And Logan Paul Got Heated
source: Peacock, app, screenshot

Paul noted that it fell apart, and acknowledged his relatively green experience level not quite having him ready for just rolling with it and still executing the Spanish fly as intended.

Ricochet, with eons more in-ring experience, was not going to let the move not happen, and fortunately Paul is athletic and was able to protect himself enough…but it was close to ugly.

And, that is why Ricochet and Logan Paul got heated after the match.

What remains to be seen is whether or not this is a legit beef, or just part of a plan to give us a really dynamic match in Detroit.

My 2 cents? If it’s a legit beef, Logan needs to tread carefully. He would be taking issue with a seasoned veteran in the same breath as he admits he’s a noob (his words).

But…given the attention, my gut says they are just working us, and either way it’s captivating.