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The LWO has been gaining lots of attention and now WWE looks ready to capitalize. Apparently, there is talk of having a particular member win gold.

LWO Member Might Get Run As Champion

In WCW, they went overboard with the NWO. There were so many different versions over only a few years, that it seemed to hurt to the product. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons WCW went from making tons of cash to being sold for a small amount. 

One of the many forms of the NWO was the Latino World Order (LWO). They never found success like with the other groups, but WWE must have seen something. Months ago, the had the stable reform on the SmackDown brand.

The decision seemed to come out of nowhere as Rey Mysterio was preparing for his WWE Hall of Fame induction while also feuding with The Judgement Day. Since putting the LWO on WWE TV, it has been a merchandise hit and fans are also pleased.

BWE, who has a decent record for breaking backstage news, noted how WWE is heavily considering making a member of the LWO a champion. As of now, no word on who that could be or which title is being discussed.

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We have Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar. Both would make great choices, but maybe not Mysterio since he has won so much gold at this point. Zelina Vega has been in the title picture, so perhaps she gets the nod.  Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde seem like long-shots.

At first, I was questioning the LWO being a stable in WWE. It did no work in WCW, so another opportunity left me thinking nothing good would materialize.

Instead, we are seeing the opposite. At Backlash, fans saw some top names become part-time members of the group like Bad Bunny, Carlito and Savio Vega.

Source: @D1Smurphy, Twitter, Screenshot

So, is giving gold to a member of the LWO the right call or will it backfire on WWE?