Rey Mysterio Plunges Into Addiction, Seth Rollins Furious

Rey Mysterio battled painkiller addiction and now he is speaking about the matter for the first time. And, Seth Rollins recently stormed out of RAW.

Rey Mysterio Plunges Into Addiction
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Rey Mysterio plunges into his painkiller addiction for the first time. And, Seth Rollins recently stormed out of the RAW after WrestleMania 39.

Rey Mysterio Plunges Into Addiction

The current pro wrestling generation is very different than the one before. Back then, wrestlers abusing painkillers was rather common.

Nowadays, fans and wrestlers are seeing the problems of the past. Many wrestlers passed away at a young age because of overdosing or destroying their insides due to the damage of drugs.

Some tried to quit and were successful. Others, sadly, were unable to topple their addiction; which either killed them or they committed suicide.

Rey Mysterio is considered one the greatest highflying superstars ever. With such risk, he has dealt with countless injuries.

Like many before Mysterio, he became addicted to painkillers while part of WWE.

While speaking on the Impaulsive podcast, Mysterio told his story for the first time.

“So, during my big run in WWE and after so many surgeries, I got hooked on painkillers for a very long time,” said Mysterio. “My wife caught me one time.” 

“We were on vacation. She saw that I was just out of it completely, so she gave me an ultimatum.” 

“She goes, ‘So when we get back home, you can either take your pills or you can take your family. You choose.’’

“That really opened me up and it made me a stronger person because I remember getting back home to San Diego. I flew to TV and the next day, I spoke to Vince [McMahon].” 

“I told him, ‘Boss I need to check myself in. I’m gonna need some time off.’” 

“He was cool with it. He was like, ‘It takes a f—ing man to man up to what you’re doing.’” 

“That was a big life changer for me and a different perspective of life and the appreciation of family and the support of my wife. It’s crazy.”

Rey Mysterio Plunges Into Addiction And Gets The Needed Help From His Family

With his style inside the ring, Mysterio found himself undergoing some major operations and being prescribed painkillers once again. This time, after being in so much pain, his wife held the medication and only gave her husband them based on the doctor’s directions.

Mysterio also discussed his children as a reason for chaining his life. At the time, his kids were young and he used them to help battle addiction.

Nowadays, Mysterio seems to be doing great. He was just indicted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Then, days later, he defeated his son, Dominik Mysterio at WrestleMania 39.

Their feud will continue with The Judgement Day and Bad Bunny now being involved. They even discussed having a mask vs hair match.

Rey has admitted his time inside the ring is nearing a close. When he does retire, he will be considered the greatest luchador in and outside of WWE.

Rey Mysterio plunges into addiction and to speak on the matter is not easy. In general, battling addiction usually takes the help of several people and thankfully Rey got such help.

So, what are your thoughts as Rey Mysterio plunges into addiction past?

Seth Rollins Furious

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Typically, the RAW after WrestleMania is one of the best shows of the year. Unfortunately, outside of Brock Lesnar turning on Cody Rhodes, nothing major happened.

There was a strange segment with Seth Rollins, where he came to the ring as the crowd serenaded him. Then, WWE cut to commercial and when they returned, Rollins left without saying a word.

On the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, Freddie Prinze Jr. went over what he saw.

Rollins questioned why there was a commercial break. Then, he tossed the mic and walked to the back.

We know RAW underwent many last-minute rewrites and maybe that played a role. Clearly, Rollins was not happy with what occurred.

As for repercussions, there likely will not be any. Sometimes, people lose their temper and no major harm was done.

Rollins is considered a top star in WWE, so they do not want him sitting at home. With his Logan Paul angle seemingly done, it remains to be seen what WWE has next for Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

So, does anyone blame Seth Rollins for being furious on how he was treated during that recent episode of RAW?

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