Fan Attacks AEW's Don Callis
Source: @WrestleTalk_TV, Twitter, Screenshot

A fan attacks AEW’s Don Callis after Triplemania XXXI and he was reportedly injured as a result. Here’s the latest on the story.

Fan Attacks AEW’s Don Callis, Injuries Reported

One of the perks of AEW is how they work with other promotions. It allows wrestlers under an AEW contract to compete elsewhere; if given the company’s approval. 

Two of the biggest deals they have are with NJPW and AAA. Only weeks ago, AEW and NJPW produced another installment of Forbidden Door.

As for AAA, a few names just appeared at Triplemania XXXI. A top match saw Vikingo defeat Kenny Omega with a 630 Splash.

After Omega lost, AAA held a press conference. Callis made his way out and mocked how Omega has now lost five matches since the two went their separate ways.

Then, things went in the wrong direction as a fan attacked Callis. According to Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer, the promo was planed, but the same cannot be said for when a fan attacks AEW’s Don Callis.

“Everything was an angle up to that point,” said Alverez. “But, then a fan who was apparently upset about what Don had said to Kenny jumped Don from behind, ripped his suit, concussed his eardrum and busted open his mouth while he was trying to choke out Don from behind.” 

“Don was screaming profanities at the fan before he was pulled off. And, he was said to be livid afterwards.”

Fan Attacks AEW's Don Callis
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

Honestly, Callis has all the right to be furious. Pro wresting is a form of entertainment and this fan took things too far. One of the few rules for fans in pro wrestling, is never attack the talent

However, as security was breaking up the fight, that was when a fan attacked Don Callis from behind.

The report continued how Callis suffered neck and ankle injuries. He was sent to the emergency following the assault. No word if the fan was arrested or if charges will be pressed.

Fan Attacks AEW's Don Callis
Source: @WrestleTalk_TV, Twitter, Screenshot

So, after a fan attacks AEW’s Don Callis, was there enough security present?