Could Damage CTRL Add A Superstar
source:@Bub3m16, twitter, screenshot

Factions often add and subtract talent for many reasons…so could Damage CTRL add a Superstar?

And, if they did…would anyone in the group have a favored talent to bring into the mix?

The answers? Yes and yes.

That first one is an easy one, because I can sit here all day and make a point that yes, any faction in any promotion could, at any point in time, add another member.

And yes, we’ve all seen instances where some factions add too many people, to the point it’s easier to ask…who isn’t in the faction (thinking a certain nWo...).

Since debuting as a group at the 2022 edition of SummerSlam, Damage CTRL has always been a trio.

Bayley, Dakota Kai and IYO SKY have worked together just about a year now, and there’s always room for adjustments.

At times, fans have suggested the group was holding Bayley back.

Now that SKY has the Money In The Bank briefcase, there’s definitely speculation that her eventual cash-in will also lead to some drama between her and Bayley.

Could Damage CTRL Add A Superstar
source:@Bub3m16, twitter, screenshot

And yet, we ask…

Could Damage CTRL Add A Superstar?

Dakota Kai, who is out of action with a knee injury, and SKY sat with Fightful for a chat.

One of those questions, of course, was if the group could add a talent from the roster, who would it be.

Both women answered, and it was unanimous. Both would want to see Piper Niven join the faction as their ultimate weapon.

Niven would be an interesting selection, and perhaps a devastating one.

Could Damage CTRL Add A Superstar
source:@Bub3m16, twitter, screenshot

One knock on the group, since they formed? While they’ve held tag gold, and Bayley had shots at women’s titles…they’ve never been dominant.

They’ve just existed.

We’ve never seen a need for a rival women’s faction to form up and counteract their dominance.

I dare say, adding Niven into the group soon, and then keeping things together when Dakota returns? That could give the group a scary opportunity to really run the women’s division of either RAW or SmackDown.

Meaning, they could do to the women’s ranks, what Judgement Day or the Bloodline have done across the men’s ranks.

Could you imagine, Niven returns, softens up Rhea Ripley or whomever is the champ, giving IYO a cakewalk of a cash-in?

It may have just been talk during an interview…but it’s not a bad idea.