Another Former WWF Superstar Passes Away
source:@ftlowrestling, twitter, screenshot

A sad event that happens seemingly far too often, another former WWF Superstar passes away.

Yes, I said WWF, because when this former performer called the company home, it was still WWF.

Now WWE, so he’d surely be considered a former WWE Superstar nowadays, but when my eyes first saw him on screen…it was WWF all the way.

And, this man’s gimmick was absolutely, without a doubt, very indicative of WWF Superstars of that era.

That timeframe largely gave us over-the-top, cartoonish names and characters that were just…out there.

For every Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage…we got ourselves a Max Moon or…Mantaur.

And that is my transition today…

Another Former WWF Superstar Passes Away
source:@ftlowrestling, twitter, screenshot

Another Former WWF Superstar Passes Away

Whether it was the life on the road, the grind, the lifestyle, a not-insignificant number of former professional wrestlers have gone way too soon.

Add another to the list.

It’s been reported that Mike Halac, who became infamous for working in WWF as Mantaur, the half man, half beast abomination, has passed away.

Want to discuss over the top? Halac, during his time with the company, walked to the ring wearing a faux animal head resting on his shoulders.

He also worked in ECW and independents as Bruiser Mastino…but once you are Mantaur…it is hard to lose that.

His passing was covered by a number of outlets. WrestleTalk shared a note from Halac’s daughter Demi, noting that he passed away in his sleep.

Mike Halac was just 55.

In his daughter’s comments about his passing, she noted that now he would no longer be in pain

Another Former WWF Superstar Passes Away
source: @realleilanikai, twitter, screenshot

Without much clarification, given his age and experience (and, his size probably didn’t help), it seems like he had a lot of wear and tear that became chronic pain.

Also of note, Halac was involved in the now-dismissed suit against WWE regarding traumatic brain injuries.

Regardless, he was talented enough to enjoy a lengthy career, largely outside of WWE, even if he never shook the imagery of such a laughable gimmick.