And Then There Was 1
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Simple theme this SmackDown In A Nutshell…and then there was 1.

1 is the loneliest number, but in this case, it has (at least) a double meaning.

There’s just one more SmackDown until SummerSlam. Plus, there will be a new #1 contender to take on Austin Theory after this evening is over.

It’s an all LWO United States Championship #1 contender final this week, Rey Mysterio taking on Santos Escobar.

And, this show is coming at us from the wonderful Smoothie King Center in New Orleans…the penultimate show before the Biggest Party Of The Summer.

What else is in store? Well, we can expect more hype for sure.

Shotzi has been playing mind games with Bayley…it seems a safe bet those continue.

Will Grayson Waller be around to tick off another WWE Legend?

And…will Jey and Roman bump into each other again?

It is time, so let’s get into it…

And Then There Was 1 : SmackDown In A Nutshell

And Then There Was 1
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Let’s crack open this Nutshell and find out!

Best Match of the night:

Kross and Anderson was better than I expected.

Rey and Santos was pretty good too, though I wasn’t a fan of the finish. Like, happy we didn’t see a turn, but if you didn’t want to do that here…why have the pair in the finals?

And Then There Was 1
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Waller is arriving rapidly, is he not? He gave Jey Uso a pretty good match, and for those of you keeping score…while he lost, he’s already been in two SmackDown main events…and he’s only been active for about a month.

Worst match of the night:

I mean, I liked the result, but from a quality perspective? LA Knight and Ashanti “Thee” Adonis was a squash, basically.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Hot at the end of the night, taunting Roman, and he hated it.

In character, I am sure, but it was strong heel heat.

Star of the Night

LA Knight was SUPER over.

And Then There Was 1
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Santos Escobar became the new #1 contender.

Reigns, Jey…no shock there.

And Then There Was 1
source: YouTubeTV, app, screenshot

Spot of the Night:

I mean, WWE wanted to make it seem like a big deal, so I guess the “Spear Spike”.

It was only OK, because you could kind of tell that one really didn’t connect as much as usual.

I liked this one more…

Jobber of the Night:

Not just Ashanti “Thee” Adonis…but all of Hit Row.

LA Knight ripped the trio apart on the mic, then made quick work of Adonis.

Upset of the Night:

Top Dolla was pretty upset with LA Knight.

But…wait until he hears what Michael Cole had to say.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

I refuse to believe that we won’t see The Rock back sooner than later.

Waller has been calling him out and the two have traded barbs on social media.

And tonight? Tonight the brash Australian pushed it to a new level, mocking The Great One by ripping off The People’s Elbow.

I feel as though we will see a Grayson Waller Effect at a down time during SummerSlam, and then the music will hit…

Botch of the night:

Nothing really. I mean, it’s not a true botch, but knowing how the #1 contender match ended, I feel like it wasn’t the best planning.

But…they have a plan…so my mind can be changed.

Commentary of the night:

Cole is just absolutely savage with Top Dolla.

Either he called him Flop again, or he’s done it enough that I can’t not hear it.

In my opinion, this group would do best to go back to NXT and maybe get built back up. It’s amazing how damaging that botch was.

LOL Moment of the night:

Those lines delivered by Knight against Hit Row.

He is in a zone right now, and the fans are loving him.

Noteworthy Moment:

Nothing too Earth-shattering to me.

Maybe this?

Santos Escobar has a date with Austin Theory. While it isn’t an LA Knight coronation waiting to happen…I don’t mind it as a consolation match.

Already mentioned Waller’s Rock taunting continues.

WWE had the announce team clarify the “Tribal Combat” stipulation for Jey and Roman. I had heard some saying this meant no family interference, but that does not seem to be the case.

Basically, unless I missed it or they left something out…it’s just a no holds barred match.

Overall lowlights:

No Shotzi, but mind games. I like the mind games, but I am ready to see Shotzi on television.

Hit Row needs rehab.

Didn’t like the medical finish to the opener, but we shall see where that goes.

Overall highlights:

Jey and Roman and Paul and Solo…strong.

AJ against Karrion Kross? I can dig it…but Kross badly needs that win.

I am getting excited for Escobar/Theory. Would have loved Knight more, but ready to see that title change hands.

After the final bell:

Well, one more show left, and we are definitely getting closer to Detroit and SummerSlam.

A solid show, I wouldn’t say it was spectacular, but it was consistently good and that’s good enough for me on a hot Friday.