WWE Champion
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A former WWE Champion that has been out for months is set to officially return, shortly. More on this story, below.

Kofi Kingston Set For WWE Return

Top superstar Kofi Kingston will seemingly make a comeback to action, soon. In March of this year, Kingston injured his ankle on Friday Night SmackDown, mere weeks before WrestleMania 39 took place.

In a tweet seen above, the company announced its dates for Germany in October. Both Kingston and Xavier Woods were advertised for events.

The New Day faction has been plagued with injuries as of late. Both Kingston and Woods have suffered some stumbles, but Big E’s neck breaking in March 2022 was devastating for the extremely popular stable.

WWE Champion
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Kingston was asked about E during a recent Cheap Heat podcast interview. Kofi notes his partner is “doing great” and “doing awesome”, considering the severity of his injury.

He also states it is “amazing” to see the level of recovery in his partner. Kingston says during the chat that even from the day he got injured, Big E wanted to make sure that everyone knew he was okay.

The New Day is close to celebrating a decade together and is undeniably one of the greatest wrestling factions of all time. They are triple crown tag champions, holding the RAW, SmackDown, and NXT men’s tag titles for a combined total of 12 reigns.

WWE Champion
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Not to mention the fact that both Big E and Kingston both former WWE title holders. In addition, Kofi and E are both triple crown champions, and Kingston is a grand slam champ.

Fans are likely very excited to see Kofi return to action. However, it will be a great day when all three New Day members are back together in that squared circle.