How Is Jerry Lawler Doing Now
source: @WWFWrestling1, twitter, screenshot

It’s been a rough 2023 for him, but how is Jerry Lawler doing now?

In case you’ve lost track…

Jerry “The King” Lawler suffered another stroke early in 2023.

He made a brief, albeit pre-recorded, appearance during this year’s Hall of Fame festivities, doing what he could to induct rival and friend Andy Kaufman.

The stroke, of course, is not the first major health scare for the Memphis legend.

As you may recall, he suffered a major heart attack live on RAW, which almost took him from the wrestling world.

How Is Jerry Lawler Doing Now
source: @WWFWrestling1, twitter, screenshot

Of course, Lawler bounced back from that and worked plenty more WWE television in the years after.

In recent years, he’s been much lower profile, but news of his stroke brought him to the headlines again.


Big Question : How Is Jerry Lawler Doing Now?

Dutch Mantel made use of his own podcast to share some news about the wrestling legend.

According to Dirty Dutch, Jerry Lawler is improving, but still has work to do.

He isn’t quite where he’d like to be. That said, considering reports noted that this stroke nearly killed him…the update still sounds encouraging.

Mantel noted that Lawler’s voice has changed as a result of the stroke, but he is speaking well enough. One big challenge for The King seems to be losing his train of thought and not being able to finish off sentences.

But again…considering the stroke nearly took him away…I’d say he’s doing well all things considered.

How Is Jerry Lawler Doing Now
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Given his age and health, it seems quite unlikely that we ever see Lawler working on commentary again.

But, before his latest health scare, we were accustomed to having Lawler take part in the pre-show panels before WWE premium live events.

If he recovers enough, it would be truly awesome to see him sitting there alongside the rest of the panel offering his insight.

Still, while that might be a goal I’d like to see happen, it remains to be seen if it is likely, or even something Lawler himself wants.