New Jerry Lawler Medical Update

Jerry Lawler Medical Update
Credit: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

The WWE Hall of Famer suffered a serious stroke earlier this year, and now we have a new Jerry Lawler medical update to talk about.

In case you needed a bit of a recap on Lawler and his numerous health scares…

Jerry “The King” Lawler had one of the most infamous “spots” on a RAW broadcast as he suffered a heart attack at ringside during a live show.

Fortunately, Lawler pulled through, but that one was truly scary.

He has scaled back his work schedule in recent years, but he’s suffered a couple strokes.

Jerry Lawler Medical Update
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

The most recent one, and perhaps most severe, happened in 2023.

The King remains in good spirits, as we could see over WrestleMania weekend.

One of Lawler’s hottest opponents, Andy Kaufman, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

The King was to induct Kaufman, but his health wasn’t up to par, so he provided fans a recorded greeting. While it was recorded, fans were happy to see Jerry Lawler.

So now it is time for a…

New Jerry Lawler Medical Update

To be honest, this is less a specific medical update and more a friend giving the world an update on his friend’s behalf.

The new Lawler medical update comes via Jim Ross and his most recent podcast.

On the show, Good Ol’ JR says that The King is struggling, but working with his doctors to make the requisite improvements.

From the update, it sounds like Jerry Lawler is fighting to get back to a good place, but he’s got work left to do.

Jerry Lawler Medical Update
source: @ewrestlingnews, twitter, screenshot

What is great to hear is that, as Ross put it, when the two talk, he hears Jerry getting stronger as they speak.

Sounds like The King enjoys time with his old broadcast colleague, and that the time spent talking does him some good.

We continue to wish Lawler all the best.

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