Good News For Jerry Lawler, Deonna Purrazzo Free Agent Status

Good News Jerry Lawler
Credit: @JerryLawler, Twitter, Screenshot

The wrestling world has been sending thoughts, prayers, and support to Jerry “The King” Lawler this week, after he suffered a stroke on Monday. The good news is, he’s getting a positive prognosis.

Good New For Jerry Lawler

According to Jim Ross, AEW announcer and close friend of Lawler’s, Jerry’s prognosis is positive. The King’s former Monday Night RAW commentary partner hopped on Twitter to relay the news to wrestling fans after talking to Lawler.

A long-time friend of the WWE Hall of Famer, Dave Brown, talked to the Memphis Commercial Appeal’s Jason Munz. He told the publication that Jerry went to the hospital due to a stroke.

Brown notes he was very encouraged after he FaceTimed Lawler, who was “alert”. Dave reveals that he could only say a couple of words, which is normal but was able to move both his arms and legs.

Dave states that The King came to Florida to attend the Heroes Meet Horror Con event. He was planning on staying at his Fort Myers condo.

According to Action News 5’s Jacob Gallant, the WWE Hall of Famer is recovering after having surgery. This is the third major medical emergency The King has suffered in the past 11 years.

Jerry’s Twitter handle also offered an up date, and things are looking good. See below.

Good News For Jerry Lawler – Other Medical Emergencies In The Past

For fans that recall, during the September 10th, 2012 edition of RAW, Jerry went into cardiac arrest at the announcer’s table, with Michael Cole by his side. A ringside WWE doctor performed CPR and used a defibrillator to revive him before he went to the hospital.

In March 2018, Jerry had a stroke. Now, another one in 2022.

Jerry Lawler is a fighter that has a lot of life left in him at the age of 73. We at WNZ are still sending our best wishes for a full recovery.

Over to some women’s wrestling news, Deonna Purrazzo joined Impact in 2020. She’s been a top talent in the Knockouts division, but what’s her status with the promotion?

Deonna Purrazzo Free Agent Status

As per Fightful Select, Impact has placed a one-year option on Deonna’s deal, which will keep her with the company until the end of 2023. The report states the contract was initially supposed to be up in 2022.

Good News Jerry Lawler

Source: @IMPACTBRASIL, Twitter, Screenshot

However, some terms of Purrazzo’s deal were changed in 2021. This gave Impact the option to extend her contract over one more year.

It seems like a no-brainer for Impact to do this, considering Deonna’s talent. This means she’ll officially become a “free agent” in January 2024.

Deonna Purrazzo Wrestling History With Impact

The report also notes that once Purrazzo does become a free agent, she’s sure to draw major interest from other wrestling companies. During her latest Impact run, she’s won the Knockouts Title twice and the Knockouts Tag Titles with Chelsea Green.

In addition to Impact, Deonna has worked with both the WWE and AEW. In fact, she worked with the WWE from 2018 to 2020, and she was just one of many stars released due to the COVID-19 pandemic cuts.

Where will she end up after her contract ends with Impact? Only time will tell!

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