Carlito Return Update
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After a surprise appearance at Backlash, fans want to see more of Carlito. And, the latest Carlito return update might be what WWE fans have been waiting for.

Carlito Return Update After Awesome Backlash Appearance

At Backlash, WWE made their long-awaited return to Puerto Rico. And, they brought some surprise names during the trip.

Bad Bunny defeated Damian Priest in a bout that was highly praised and both garnered a ton of press. The match saw The Judgment Day, LWO and Rey Mysterio get involved. 

Those appearances were expected. Although, Savio Vega and Carlito also came to the aid of Bad Bunny. Both former WWE superstars received massive reactions.

Vega is best known for his WWE run the mid to late 1990s. He did a lot for the company, including help put a young Triple H over.

Carlito return update
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Carlito first appeared for WWE about 20 years ago. He was known for his antics, including spitting an apple in the face of people.

And, that is just what he did to Dominik Mysterio. Before Backlash, Carlito returned to WWE as a surprise entrant in 2021 Royal Rumble and worked briefly after that event.

According to PW Insider, Carlito was seen in Orlando on Thursday. Therefore, a positive Carlito return update could be coming shortly.

No word if WWE plans to bring Carlito back. If they do, he still looks to be in great shape to wrestle inside the ring. Or, he would make for an excellent sidepiece or in a backstage role.

Carlito Return Update
Source: @CatchNewz, Twitter, Screenshot

In the beginning of Carlito’s WWE run, he seemed like a future world champion. That never happened and he was eventually released.

There are conflicting reports if WWE allowed Carlito to leave on his own or if it involved refusing to enter rehab. That is certainly in the past and based on the reaction from the live crowd and those at home, they want more of Carlito on WWE TV.

So, does the latest Carlito return update have fans thinking he will be back in WWE soon?