Big CM Punk Match
source: @far5222, twitter, screenshot

Long before his return actually happened, a clash at the upcoming Forbidden Door had been rumored for him. Now, the big CM Punk match is officially off.

In case you just woke up from a really long nap or otherwise missed out on the last few months of chatter…

CM Punk was suspended (and also injured) late last year due to the excitement that became known as All Out Brawl.

In the months following, there were plenty of rumors about whether we’d see Punk in AEW again (spoiler alert: we would).

AEW announced a brand-new show, Collision, and CM Punk returned on that show recently.

Forbidden Door is an upcoming show, put on by AEW, where fans get some dream matches between AEW talents and those from elsewhere, such as New Japan Pro Wrestling.

And…fans do love to do the dream booking…some of which has been spot on.

One rumored match for CM Punk at this year’s Forbidden Door? Punk versus KENTA.

However, per Fightful…it will not happen.

Big CM Punk Match
source: @far5222, twitter, screenshot

Big CM Punk Match Is Officially Off

In the last week or so, there’s been some talk that one or both sides had no interest in making this match a reality.

At first, there was talk that CM Punk wouldn’t do it, but those whispers were deemed false.Then, that KENTA wanted to discuss compensation (commented that he wanted to see the bag, which fans took to mean money bags).

That was something that Punk leaned into during his Saturday promo, bringing with him a red bag.

With that, fans expected that the match was happening, in spite of the talk. After all, we were told by one AEW star just a week ago that he would never fight Sting…and now it seems probable.

But, KENTA has come out and said that there will be no match against CM Punk. Not at this Forbidden Door…and maybe not ever.

Big CM Punk Match
source: @andradeelidolo, twitter, screenshot

And if that long rumored match is officially off…it remains to be seen what other plans could come together for the recently returned talent.