Is Forbidden Door Returning, Update On Konnan’s Health

is forbidden door returning
Credit: @aew_one, twitter, screenshot

It was a big deal when it came together last summer…so is Forbidden Door returning in 2023? And we have an update on Konnan’s health.

Is Forbidden Door Returning

It was a show many fans dreamed of, but never expected to see. So…is Forbidden Door returning in 2023?

While nothing is officially official yet, Tony Khan surely seems optimistic.

During his latest media scrum-this one was fairly uneventful physically-Khan discussed if Forbidden Door is returning in 2023.

Without saying yes, he certainly is hoping and expecting there will be a Forbidden Door sequel in 2023.

Now, it has to be said that the first Forbidden Door might just be AEW’s best show of 2022.

And for that matter, it was one of the most significant wrestling shows in a long time.

is forbidden door returning

source: @aew_one, twitter, screenshot

I am no AEW fanboy, but here’s why I would say that.

AEW is the second-best promotion in the United States. New Japan is one of the biggest in it’s own part of the world.

To have a co-branded PPV, where big stars from each company are doing what they did, was previously such a rare thing.

Like, almost never. Not never, but just…hard to get done.

We already knew that Khan and AEW were open and permissive with talent booking dates outside of AEW. But running a show with NJPW, such as Forbidden Door, took things a whole lot further.

Update On Konnan’s Health

We have covered some of his issues in recent times, and now we have an update on Konnan’s health.

The Mexican star, who has worked around the world in places like ECW, WCW and AAA, has been battling kidney issues.

Now, unfortunately, it has been reported that Konnan has had to begin dialysis for his chronic kidney condition.

And doing the reporting? Well, that would be Konnan himself.

The legendary lucha star talked about his health struggles on a recent episode of his own podcast.

His kidney condition is such that he truly needs a kidney transplant to hopefully get back to some semblance of a healthy and normal life.

Until or unless that happens, he’s now undergoing dialysis to help him handle his health issues.

In addition to opening up about his treatment, and how cool people were to him, the star is still keeping busy.

He shared on his show that he’s been working on a project to open up in Cancun next year.

is forbidden door returning

source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

That project will be a permanent venue to present a mix of Mexican history and lucha libre to tourists in the popular resort town. You could tell he was excited for that.

He mentioned that shortly after his meetings for the venue, he had another with Marvel-though he was less forthcoming with those details.

What he did mention is that, with his condition, he is tired. So tired, in fact, that he was falling asleep in those important meetings.

Hopefully his dialysis treatment helps him bounce back, and bridges the gap until a donor might be found.


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