Talent Suffer An Unfortunate Injury
source: @wrestlingleader, twitter, screenshot

Wrestling, scripted as it may be, can be quite punishing. One AEW talent suffer an unfortunate injury as a result of the physicality.

And, the high flying talent was a hot free agent get not all that long ago. Putting him on the shelf for an extended period of time is legitimately a tough break-literally.

The AEW talent in question for this is Bandido.

Recently, the masked star had the opportunity to wrestle Konosuke Takeshita.

Talent Suffer An Unfortunate Injury
source: @wrestlingleader, twitter, screenshot

The match between the two stars actually headlined the June 16 AEW Dynamite, and justifiably so.

As good as it was…

AEW Talent Suffer An Unfortunate Injury

Bandido took to social media following the match to reveal that, at some point during the battle, he sustained a broken wrist.

Per his post, he was due to undergo surgery soon to repair the damage, and he will be out of action while the injury heals.

The injury puts what has been a whirlwind last few months for Bandido on pause. An internationally known and respected talent, he’s worked all over the globe before signing with AEW last fall.

And, fans are very familiar with Takeshita, especially after he and Don Callis crossed Kenny Omega just a few weeks back.

It’s a good thing such a talent like Bandido got a main event showcase, but it’s bitter sweet that he sustained an injury that will keep him off television for a while.

Per his post, he would be getting a second opinion just to make sure-as is typical with some injuries.

Talent Suffer An Unfortunate Injury
source: @pwtorch, twitter, screenshot

But, surgery and rehab appear to be in his future…so if you are a Bandido fan…prepare to not see much of the high flying talent for a few months.

That being said, considering how high profile Takeshita has become, that AEW had Bandido work such a big match speaks volumes.

It seems likely that when he is cleared to return, big things await him in AEW or possibly even Ring of Honor.