Andrade El Idolo & Sammy Guevara Fight Backstage, Bandido – AEW

Andrade Idolo Sammy Guevara
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According to reports, Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara got into a fight backstage this week before Dynamite. What were the repercussions of all this? More on the story, below.

Andrade El Idolo & Sammy Guevara Fight Backstage

Another backstage brawl has hit AEW. Seems this time around it involved Guevara and El Idolo.

As per a report from TMZ, Andrade was sent home after the altercation. Tony called off his career versus mask match for Rampage this week.

Sources note that words were exchanged between both men. Things then got physical.

Allegedly, Guevara pushed El Idolo, then he threw several punches. Andrade responded with a punch of his own.

Tony Khan called off Andrade’s Rampage match and he was sent home. Meanwhile, Sammy appeared on a segment backstage at Dynamite.

He was a part of the Jericho Appreciation Society. No explanation for why Guevara stayed and El Idolo was asked to leave.

Andrade El Idolo & Sammy Guevara Are Not The Only Two

AEW has been plagued with backstage issues as of late. It was only weeks ago that The Elite and CM Punk got into a brawl backstage after All Out.

This is causing a major ripple effect for talent backstage. According to Fightful’s Sean Sapp, the AEW locker room has felt that the “issues” between Sammy and Andrade will make the company look bad.

Before yesterday’s brawl, the two superstars had a spat on social media. This did not sit well with many AEW talents.

One top star is frustrated because they feel as if this is “another” backstage altercation that makes AEW’s locker room bad. According to the report, things have been much better since the All Out incident.

There are some talents that believe “if the situation doesn’t involve me, I won’t pay it any attention”. This train of thought could help keep the peace for many, backstage.

Fightful talked to a number of talents and staff. According to them, the situation does not seem like it’s a work or fabricated.

Speaking of AEW, despite all the drama, it seems that Bandido has made a decision about the promotion. See below for details.

Bandido – AEW

Bandido has impressed many, which is why AEW had him go face-to-face with Chris Jericho last week on Dynamite. He had a great match with Jericho, despite his loss.

Andrade Idolo Sammy Guevara

Source: @PuroresuFlow, Twitter, Screenshot

As per Fightful, Bandido has agreed to terms with AEW. The former Ring of Honor (ROH) World Champion is not officially signed, but he was offered a deal last week.

His AEW Debut Was Short Notice

Bandido debuted for AEW on short notice. He participated in an ROH World Championship match against Jericho, on September 28th.

He’s got very positive reviews, all around. So, it seems like only a matter of time before he officially becomes All Elite.

Interestingly enough, it seems as if the WWE was also interested in Bandido, before his AEW Dynamite match. Could the talent be waiting to hear from that promotion before he dives right in?

It’s always a possibility. Only time will tell.

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