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There’s some backstage news on possible cuts to the WWE roster after an interview with Nick Khan, where he hints this could be coming.

WWE News: Potential Roster Releases Lingering

There has been a buzz about possible cuts to the WWE roster since Endeavor completed its sale of the company, this past April. Recent comments from CEO Nick Khan seem to imply this further.

According to Fightful Select, Khan told some in the world of sports agenting that the organization wasn’t planning to release talents from the roster, leading up to WrestleMania 39. However, the promotion would end up announcing their Endeavor deal shortly after their flagship event.

WM 39 took place in L.A. on Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2. It was on Monday, April 3rd the promotion announced that the UFC parent company had bought the wrestling organization.

WWE News
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This resulted in the establishment of a new company, TKO Group that facilitated the merger. Vince McMahon was placed at the forefront of the wrestling division, signing the Endeavor deal, which will see him at the head of things until the foreseeable future.  

WWE News
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Khan told LightShed Partners in mid-April that Endeavor was looking to reduce WWE costs, significantly. He notes the “same expectations here” when it came to comparing the costs cuts Endeavor took out from the UFC in 2016 shortly after their deal was complete.

Nick goes on to reveal that “we think” 50 million is quite a conservative number. He also states that the company would have a better sense of cost cuts in about a month or two.

Khan also notes that they are going to be pretty aggressive around ensuring the organization is as “lean and mean” as possible, for their shareholders and company. The wrestling promotion has yet to announce publicly if any cost-cutting exercises have occurred yet.