Wants A Big Shot
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Superstars are largely competitive people, and one Superstar wants a big shot once again to prove just that.

Yes, everyone is aware that wrestling like WWE works toward a pre-determined outcome.

However, plenty WWE Superstars have legitimate experience in actual combat sports.

This has been on display lately as WWE announcers have made a point to emphasize Brock Lesnar’s impressive resume.

But Brock Lesnar is not the only Superstar accomplished outside of a WWE ring…nor aspiring to do more work outside of one.

One Superstar wants a big shot, and based on some recent developments, you have to wonder if he could get it.


Superstar Wants A Big Shot

Ironic that we’ve set the table with Lesnar, because it’s one of his fiercest competitors who seeks a big shot outside of WWE.

Wants A Big Shot
Source: YouTubeTV, App, Screenshot

Bobby Lashley, himself a decorated combat athlete, has craved competition in recent years.

The obvious desire would be for Lashley to step back into the cage. While he never worked a match for UFC, he was largely dominant during his time with Bellator and Strikeforce.

His time in an MMA cage came between his first and current WWE run.

According to a recent report, his interests outside of WWE are not limited to MMA.

From Inside The Ropes, it seems that Bobby Lashley has been talking about having a go of it with Bare Knuckle Fighting.

That possibility follows another report that at some point in recent history, Lashley had asked Vince McMahon about a UFC run.

Wants A Big Shot
Source: YouTubeTV, App, Screenshot

McMahon turned him down. But, at the risk of stating the obvious here…a lot has changed since then.

For one thing, Vince McMahon doesn’t call the creative shots anymore.

And, for another…the parent company of UFC just agreed to purchase WWE.

I am not sure if anyone in charge of WWE would love the idea of Lashley-or any other WWE Superstars-giving bare knuckle fighting a shot.

But…it’s a lot easier to imagine Endeavor allowing or even encouraging a WWE Superstar in chasing a UFC dream…or vice versa.