WWE Superstars Can Twitch, Mercedes’ Big Move

In a major reversal, WWE Superstars can Twitch once again. Plus, what is Mercedes Mone's big move?

WWE Superstars Can Twitch
Credit: @femaleroom, twitter, screenshot

In a major reversal, WWE Superstars can Twitch once again. Plus, what is Mercedes’ big move?

WWE Superstars Can Twitch

In a bit of a shocking move, WWE Superstars can Twitch once again.

Actually, let me be more clear: WWE Superstars can make use of, and make money on, the Twitch streaming platform once again.

Some talent have been (Zelina Vega is a big Twitch streamer, for example), but many have been off the platform since Vince McMahon came down hard on the platform.

WWE Superstars Can Twitch
source: @femaleroom, twitter, screenshot

A couple years back, the former boss hated that his Superstars had the ability to sit at home, or wherever, and stream on Twitch and make incredible money.

Or, really, that they were making money, and he had no claim to it.

Surely Vince felt that the Superstars were raking in more dough because of their WWE fame, but either way…many made quite a bit of cash.

Then Vince McMahon put a stop to it.

While it probably was not THE reason WWE lost some talent, it likely was a factor.

For example, Adam Cole was a pretty big Twitch streamer while with NXT. While his better half was a good reason to land in AEW…not being able to stream surely played into it.

That all changes now.

Officially, WWE didn’t tell talent no more Twitch. They just took everything over and ruined the streams.

Now, WWE is allowing talent to once again run their own streams on the platform.

Any revenue would be split three ways, with talent and Twitch receiving the largest cuts.

Per Fightful, there are some limited restrictions in place, but for the most part, talent can do what they want.

The restrictions are said to be not new, likely pertaining to 3rd party sponsorships. WWE runs a tight ship, so surely anything a talent is promoting, the company wants to sign off on.

Regardless, for talents who enjoy streaming (and making extra cash), the move is surely welcomed.

This now makes me wonder if there are talents who departed in large part because of that decision…who might be more eager to return now?

And…could a change in this decision be a sign of things to come?

Like…could we see top brass look to bring back someone like Mandy Rose? Not a streamer, but someone who has made serious bank outside of WWE, while working for the company.

Times are changing, for sure…

Mercedes’ Big Move

Now, it’s time to discuss what might be deemed…Mercedes’ big move.

In case there was any doubt, the Mercedes in this instance is not a fine luxury automobile, but rather Mercedes Mone.

Recently, we covered news that Mone was seeking a short term extension to her NJPW deal.

Now, it seems as though the extension could be a precursor to Mercedes’ big move.

As in, a move around the world.

While her run in WWE ended in flames, her first couple months with New Japan have largely gone swimmingly.

And while she’s only had a short-term deal, she has already claimed championship gold, and she’s settling in nicely.

WWE Superstars Can Twitch
source: @mercedesvarnado, twitter, screenshot

So much so that, per Wrestling Inc, Mone has posted on her social media that she is intending to move to Japan full time.

She went so far as to post a photo of a Japanese language school to support her possible big move.

Moving from the United States to another country is absolutely a big deal, but it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Mone clearly was not happy in WWE, something fans could see from more than one clash with leadership.

While it’s been a very brief run so far, she seems happy in Japan, and while her existing deal may be expiring, Mercedes Mone is intent on putting down some new roots.

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