AEW Scraps Adam Cole Angle, Britt Baker Injured

AEW Adam Cole Angle
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A huge Adam Cole angle has been scrapped by AEW. Also, his girlfriend and fellow wrestler, Britt Baker is dealing with a back injury.

AEW Scraps Adam Cole Angle

On AEW Dynamite this past Wednesday, Adam Cole returned to action. It marked his first match in over nine months, after suffering a severe concussion at Forbidden Door.

At the same time, he was dealing with other injuries. There was such concern, many thought his days inside a wrestling ring were over.

Earlier in the year, Cole made an unannounced appearance during Dynamite and spoke about the concussion. He was honest about the scary situation and how he was unsure if his life would ever return to a normal state.

Before Cole needed time away, AEW had major plans. The idea was for the Undisputed Elite to work with The Elite. 

Of course, the Undisputed Elite was a similar version of NXT’s Undisputed Era. The only difference was Roderick Strong would not be present as he remains under contract to WWE.

As for The Elite, it would feature Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. 

AEW Might Have Jumped The Gun

AEW might have jumped the gun, as they teased the angle for months. Then, Cole alongside Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly attacked The Young Bucks.

“I think so [hose Undisputed Elite versus The Elite plans have been scrapped],” said Cole to Comicbook. “It’s one of those situations where, obviously, wrestling is dangerous and things change all the time.” 

“There may have been a couple of ideas as far as where we were going months and months ago. We thought, okay, this recovery process is going to be a little bit quicker.” 

“But as time went on and we learned how serious this injury was, obviously things had to pivot and change as well. That’s kind of the way wrestling is where things change often and you just kind of have to roll with the punches.”

“We definitely had at least a couple of ideas back then, but things have changed now. But it doesn’t mean that we won’t play into that down the line.”

Since then, the AEW roster has dramatically changed. Fish is no longer with AEW and O’Reilly has been hurt since the summer.

As for The Elite, they were suspended in September after the All Out brawl with CM Punk. They have all returned, but Matt Jackson will miss significant time because of a tricep tear.

Seemingly, AEW pushed the angle too early and there was no real payoff. Outside of Cole turning on The Young Bucks, nothing else happened. 

Currently, Cole is playing a face in AEW. From how Dynamite ended, he looks to now be working next with Chris Jericho.

Britt Baker Injured

AEW Adam Cole Angle

Source: @AEW_Argentina, Twitter, Screenshot

Speaking of Adam Cole, his girlfriend and fellow AEW wrestler, Britt Baker, is actually hurt. She has been suffering from a nagging back injury for months and it is not getting better.

She also spoke with ComicBook as AEW hyped their new show, All Access.

“Unfortunately it’s getting worse,” said Baker. “Now it’s like a neck and a back problem.” 

“But, it’s manageable. I’m tough, so I’ll always find ways to work.” 

“My championship reign was with a broken wrist. So, I’ll figure it out one way or another.” 

“You’ve got to work your way around it. Sometimes, maybe trick your body into thinking ‘Eh, it doesn’t really hurt that bad.’”

2023 has not seen much from Baker inside the ring. The former AEW Women’s Champion has only worked four times this year.

Lately, she has been feuding with Saraya, Toni Storm and Ruby Roho. The two sides are playing an angle of former WWE superstars opposite AEW originals.

Without Baker wrestling so frequently, Jamie Hayter has been working much of the angle. 

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