Could AJ Lee Wrestle Again, How Much Do Wrestlers On Twitch Make?

could aj lee wrestle again
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It’s something that has been asked a bit, and will be more now: could AJ Lee wrestle again? Plus, thanks to a recent leak, we can answer when asked “how much do wrestlers on Twitch make?”

Could AJ Lee Wrestle Again

Since she abruptly left WWE, fans have been wondering: could AJ Lee wrestle again?

When CM Punk finally returned to the ring over the summer…fans figured it was a great time to ask the same question.

I mean, if her husband came back, could AJ Lee wrestle again?

could aj lee wrestle again

source: custom, aj lee twitter screenshot

Punk himself was asked, shortly after his own return, if AJ Lee could or would wrestle again.

At the time, he basically said she was in a good place, and due to some prior health issues, was very unlikely to be returning.

And then this week happened…and the question is out there once more.

AJ Lee came back to pro wrestling earlier in the week…sort of.

She will be an executive producer for the resurrected WOW Women of Wrestling program, as was revealed earlier.

Now, having had a chance to talk about this new project a bit more, AJ herself answers the question.

So, could she wrestle again? Will she?

She spoke on the WOW YouTube channel, and the answer was…well it was about what you’d expect.

In essence? She’s learned never to say never.

But, also, do not hold your breath.

AJ has had previous neck issues, so the risk for her is probably a bit more than is worth it.

However, there have been other major stars who have had similar neck issues…and they’ve come back to work in the ring.

Edge, of course, most recently.

For now though, it is exciting to see what AJ Lee could do with WOW, and it’s going to be great having her involved with wrestling again.

Even if she won’t actually be wrestling again…for now.

How Much Do Wrestlers On Twitch Make?

The popular streaming service has been a bit of a hot button issue within WWE…so how much do wrestlers on Twitch make?

Typically, we don’t know those answers.

But, earlier in the week, the service suffered a data breach. Now, fans have eyeballs on what the top personalities on the platform have been earning.

Among those linked to WWE and on Twitch: Paige, Adam Cole and Zelina Vega.

how much do wrestlers on twitch make

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WWE last year famously issued an edict to get off of the platform. Some complied, while others refused.

Seeing the streaming income from just those three we’ve mentioned, it’s easy to understand why they did not want to ditch Twitch.

Paige topped the trio, clearing over $450,000 from 2019 through 2021. In the same span, Cole and Vega each netted over $300,000.

Others, like Xavier Woods and Tyler Breeze, took in much less. Woods in particular surprised, at a mere $25,431.

Of those mentioned, Breeze and Cole are no longer WWE Superstars. Zelina Vega found her way out, but came back.

Adam Cole in particular mentioned in his contract negotiations with WWE, that he would not leave Twitch. It might not have been the deciding factor, but he did end up in AEW regardless.

While it may not be as potentially lucrative as a massive contract with upsides…for the best streamers, Twitch is certainly a very nice income stream.


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