The Best WWE Moments Where Women Beat Men!

Despite the slow women’s revolution, the WWE have experimented with intergender matches and moments over the years. Considering the great success of WWE Evolution, we thought it was only fitting to look at some of these amazing moments and relive them. Here are our top picks of WWE moments where women beat men!

Jacqueline Becomes the Cruiserweight Champion

Chavo Guerrero did not expect a woman to challenge him for the Cruiserweight Championship, neither did he expect to lose it to a female wrestler.

Jacqueline was not the first woman in WWE history to take a man’s title, but she certainly made an impact on the world of women’s wrestling by taking the Cruiserweight Championship from Chavo Guerrero. He may have been laughing at the challenge, but he was laughing no longer once he lost it. Go Jackie!

Tag Team Victory for Lita and Trish

While the rivalry between Trish Stratus and Lita will be remembered forever, not many people realise that Trish and Lita took on the team of Christian and Chris Jericho at Armageddon in 2003.

Yes, Lita and Trish did not win the match against the men, but this was a pivotal moment in women’s wrestling. It was not about taking the actual win from the male tag team. It was about proving that they are just as good as men. They certainly did, so this is a victory for the Lita and Trish in my book.

Beth Beats the Great Khali

As a woman, you must use your assets to your advantage sometimes. Beth Phoenix was one of the woman who managed to use being a woman to her benefit, as she eliminated the Great Khali from the men’s Royal Rumble!

Known as “the Punjabi Playboy,” Beth Phoenix knew exactly what she needed to do to eliminate the Great Khali. By giving him an unforgettable kiss, she managed to surprise the huge Indian superstar and throw him over the top rope. Unforgettable!

Beth Phoenix was the second woman in history to enter the men’s Royal Rumble. Chyna was the first. Still, the moment Beth Phoenix eliminated the Great Khali will be remembered forever.

Becky Beats Up James Ellsworth

Becky might be known as the man now, but she certainly had no qualms beating them in the ring. James Ellsworth – who became one of the WWE’s most annoying heels – soon became Becky’s victim. To make matters even worse for Ellsworth, he was facing her during a women’s lumberjack match, surrounded by the WWE’s most prolific female wrestlers.

Chyna = My Hero

There is one woman who left a lasting impact on me as a person and it’s undoubtedly Chyna. Her strength and charisma in a man’s world made me believe that I could tackle anything too and I did. She was a great inspiration, not just to me, but many women out there who had to fight their way up in a man’s universe.

While she was plagued by personal problems outside the ring, this woman did so much for women’s wrestling. She was the first to capture the men’s Intercontinental Championship. She was bodyguard to Triple H and even a co-founder of D-Generation X. She fought Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Jeff Jarrett. It is sad that she did not know how much she was loved. So, I hope she will earn her rightful spot in the WWE Hall of Fame one day.