Trish Stratus Drops Evolution Bombshell!

Trish Stratus Headed To WWE TV

Those of you who were looking forward to Lita and Trish’s individual matches at Evolution will encounter a huge surprise today, because Trish dropped a BOMBSHELL during yesterday’s episode of Monday Night RAW. The individual matches will no longer take place, as Trish and Lita will team up against Mickie and Alexa in tag team action.

Disappointed Or Not?

At the time of the promotion, I was extremely excited for this match. Afterwards, I did realise that I would see less of Trish and Lita, since they would fight together during a match. That being said, these two iconic ladies in the same ring, what’s not to love?

The promotion for the match itself was extremely well done as well. The timing for Lita to come out, the entire banter between the four ladies, it was simply perfect.

Fan Disappointment for Mickie James

The WWE is pushing quite hard on the fact that Lita and Trish Stratus are veterans, but they seem to forget about Mickie James and her veteran status. She is almost being treated as a sidekick for Alexa Bliss and this has rubbed some fans the wrong way.

While it would have been better for Mickie to join Trish and Lita, and Alexa Bliss to pair up with two other heels from the main roster, it does not prevent Mickie from shining during the Evolution match. She worked towards this, just like all the other women who came before her, so I’m just happy she is a part of it all. Would I like to see her get the same veteran treatment? Of course I would, but she is far from done.

Putting the Mickie discussion to rest, I hope she gets plenty of moments to shine during the match itself. She certainly deserves it. Whoever wins, this match is a crowning achievement for female wrestlers everywhere.

Who Will Take the Win?

Most fans assume Trish Stratus and Lita will take the win, simply because they have come out retirement for this match. I do not disagree with this, as it would make little sense for them to take a loss. Of course, it is a shame for Mickie, the veteran most likely on the losing side.

Still, as I mentioned earlier, this match is much bigger than winners or losers. It is meant to celebrate the women’s division and show the world just how much women’s wrestling has evolved. It could also pave the way for future women’s only pay-per-views, so I refuse to look at some of the details at this point. Once these pay-per-views are more established, we can comment on things that could be better.

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