John Cena Clarifies Retirement Rumors

The cryptic tweets released by John Cena over the past couple of weeks have left fans guessing about his WWE status. However, an interview with The Blast has brought some clarity, in which John Cena confirms he cannot cope with WWE’s full-time schedule anymore. However, there is some good news too, because the Cenation will not have to say goodbye to Cena.

Too Old for Wrestling

While promoting his book in New York, the WWE superstar was asked about his current WWE status. The legend answered candidly, stating that his body cannot deal with WWE’s grueling schedule anymore.

Based on the statements made by John Cena, it appears he is retiring from full-time wrestling in the WWE. However, his statements also make it clear he is not done with the company completely. My guess is that he will make some appearances at important events, which is bound to boost those ticket sales.

Does the WWE Need a New Cena?

John Cena

Cena is someone with his own unique gimmick and persona, so nobody can just step in and replace him. That being said, the man has been one of the biggest merchandise sellers. Popular with a lot of children, Cena took the mantle from Hulk Hogan as children’s idol.

Children who watch wrestling will need someone new to support. Seth Rollins has been quite successful in taking over some of Cena’s fans and so has Roman Reigns. However, I suggest a different pick for a new babyface, and it is not just anyone!

My Pick for Future Babyface

Okay, I had to think long and hard, but Ricochet is the perfect guy in my opinion. Being one of the youngest people ever to be awarded a five-star match review, he always impresses in the ring.

Formerly known as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground, Ricochet has made waves in the WWE, much like I knew he would. He may need some fine-tuning where mic work is concerned, but I have no doubt this man can be the next John Cena.

High-flying styles tend to do well among the kids, just think about the Hardy Boyz. Yes, he probably would be a better heel, but the man wrestles so amazing, it would be a waste making him use heel tactics.

As I mentioned earlier, I do believe Ricochet needs a little bit more work on mic skills. He may not be the best a talker in the business just yet, but investing in these skills might make him one of the biggest WWE superstars the business has ever seen.

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