Jeff Hardy Shares Who Help Shape His Signature Face Paint

Jeff Hardy – WWE’s longtime high-flying daredevil – is known the world over for his high spots and death-defying stunts.

And his famous face paint.

But what goes on in Hardy’s mind and behind the scenes when it comes to his many creative designs?

One of the the first things Hardy asks himself before a match is, “Okay, what colors are you painting your face tonight? What design is it going to be?”

On Portland’s NBC KGW 8 “Tonight w/ Cassidy” segment, Jeff Hardy reminisced about the origins of his love for face painting. In the spot, he reveals that as a child he reached over the rails and touched Sting on the shoulder.

“(Sting) had his face all painted and I said, ‘I want to do this! I want to make somebody feel like he made me feel!'” Hardy said.


Hardy opened up in the interview about a number issues wrestlers must deal with, particularly things unique to his character.

How long does it take Jeff Hardy to get ready for a match?

The “Charismatic Engima” said it takes him “an hour to be confident that his face paint design is going to be great.” His designs are so intricate, it’s easy to see why.

But the face paint is the fun part.

At 41-years-old – 25 years in the wrestling business between WWE, TNA and his own OMEGA promotion co-owned with his brother Matt – Hardy has had his fair share of injuries.

He had rotator cuff surgery in 2017 after an injury. The most recent stunt was the brutal 20-foot fall through at last month’s Hell in a Cell, where fans watched him get carried out on a stretcher. Still, the tough WWE legend competed the next night in a six-man tag match teaming with AJ Styles and R-Truth against Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, and Shinsuke Nakamura.

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