WWE Backlash Leaves Fans Furious!

Honestly, I do not know where to begin. Instead of going on one of my usual rants, I decided to let the WWE Universe do the talking for me. I listed some of the most poignant comments from the Universe after WWE Backlash and clarified them with some of my own feelings about the pay-per-view. So, if you are curious why many fans are left reeling after WWE Backlash, be sure to read on.

Poorly Booked Matches with Flimsy Storylines

The entire pay-per-view had a weird feel to it, almost like the WWE has their heads at Money in the Bank already. Even some of my favorite wrestling reviewers – Steve and Larson from the Going in Raw podcast – found Backlash so dull they had to entertain themselves doing other things.

If I had to describe the entire event, I would say that Backlash was a transitional pay-per-view. I even have problems calling it a pay-per-view, since I stayed up until 4 am to watch the damn thing, knowing full well I had to start work at 9 am. I wish I had gone to bed instead.

Nakamura Versus Styles Does Not Provide a Clear Winner

While you would expect a clear winner during a no disqualification match, this was not the case for the match between Nakamura and Styles. Instead, we got a reasonably good match with a double count out. Well, once again, I think we will only get the resolution at Money in the Bank, putting another emphasis on the fact that WWE Backlash was a transitional pay-per-view.


To make things worse, the match between Nakamura and Styles got a really strange spot on the card for the night. Even though it was a title match, the main event spot went to Joe and Reigns, who were not fighting for any kind of title. How does that make sense?

Propaganda and “Creative Journalism”

Aside from Corey Graves, commentating and journalism during and after Backlash was laughable. WWE fans are not stupid, yet the WWE insists on treating us as such.

Not only did we have to listen repeatedly to the commentators mentioning the “spectacular” Greatest Royal Rumble event, they constantly tried to give a spin on matches that were extremely poor. They always blame it on a “weird” crowd, but seriously, the pay-per-view was just bad, don’t treat us like idiots.

Boring Main Event

Even though I chose this tweet to represent my opinion on the match, I do not agree fully with this person’s opinion. I don’t think either Joe or Reigns are to blame for this one. When you look at the match from a neutral perspective, it was not that bad. The real problems with it? Booked on the wrong card spot and a serious lack of story. The crowd was dead before the match even began! The outcome did not match the outlined story either, so what was the point? Their chemistry just was not there.

Backlash’s Saving Grace: TJ Wilson

Before I end this article, I do have to tip my hat to some WWE superstars who managed to entertain me yesterday. The best match of the night was undoubtedly Seth Rollins versus The Miz, who put on amazing match. The Elias segment was also quite entertaining, as well as the pre-show match between Bayley and Ruby.

Looking at the people who booked the matches last night, I would have to say TJ Wilson deserves a promotion. The only interesting segments of the night were booked by TJ. The worst was booked by Michael Hayes (Michael Seitz from the Fabulous Freebirds).

What is your take on WWE Backlash? Was it a satisfactory pay-per-view or a complete waste of airtime? Share your thoughts below!

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