Corey Graves Gets Saudi Heat for Showing Support to Female Superstars

Corey, YOU LEGEND! I’m all for maintaining a neutral position in certain situations, but since I’m a woman myself, I would like to state my full support for Corey Graves before writing this article. Anyway, here is the story!

Supporting the Women’s Revolution!

I’m grateful for Corey Graves, otherwise, women would have had no voice whatsoever during the Greatest Royal Rumble event! Corey made some cryptic statements during the event itself, and also put out an Instagram that left little to the imagination. Here’s the tweet.

WWE Management Is Upset

While I do not give a flying donkey bottom about WWE management and their worries about their Saudi income, Corey Graves is getting some heat from the higher-ups.

After his comments and tweets, a member of WWE management reportedly said that Graves is “more replaceable than he thinks he is”. Beg to differ. If Corey were to be punished for his comments in support of women, you will find that many female fans will disappear with him. Me included!

The Greatest Royal Rumble Showed How Humanity Has Not Learned from Its Mistakes

Freedom of speech is one of the basics of American history. It is what your country is built on. Yet, you sheepishly except an invitation that impedes on the freedom of speech you hold so dear? Oh well, maybe it’s my British-Belgian nationality speaking, but it seems ludicrous to me. WWE management has made its biggest mistake yet.

While many men will roll their eyes when women speak about equal rights, most of them have no idea about the battles we still fight. The equal pay gap is just one of the things that comes to mind, but even as a kid growing up in Belgian, I experienced the differences between men and women. Even though they cannot be compared to what women are going through in Saudi Arabia, it made me realise that I am still not considered as equal. Still, I made sure people see me as equal now!

There are loads of problems with holding an American event in Saudi Arabia; this does not only include women, but also having wrestlers such as Sami Zayn compete. I know one thing for certain, I won’t be watching again next year. I certainly won’t be promoting it either. Let’s face it people! We are too concerned about being politically correct, letting others walk all over us. Well, this woman no longer cares! If Saudi wants their WWE event, fine enjoy it. But without my support. I hope other women and like-minded men follow my lead.

Will you be watching the next Greatest Royal Rumble? 

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