Asuka Breaks Goldberg’s Legendary Record

It’s official! Asuka has beaten Goldberg’s legendary record with an amazing 173-0 win streak; this is another reason why we should consider Asuka as a legend. Asuka is not even on the main roster yet, so I can only imagine what she will do there!

174th Wine at NXT Takeover Chicago

Asuka broke Goldberg’s legendary streak at NXT Takeover Chicago last week. Her match was a triple threat against Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross, so many people believed that Asuka would lose her title that night. Fortunately for the Empress of Tomorrow, her title reign and undefeated streak continues!

Respect for Goldberg

Even though Asuka plays a powerful and power-hungry empress in the ring, she had nothing but good things to say about the person who held the record before – Goldberg. She turned to Twitter and broke character to pay respect to this WWE legend.

Response of Goldberg, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

Ever the graceful legend, Goldberg had some lovely words for Asuka as well and congratulated the Empress of Tomorrow.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon also tuned in on this momentous occasion. Both congratulated the new holder of the undefeated streak in spectacular fashion.

What the Future Brings for Asuka

Since Asuka is currently holding the undefeated streak, WWE creative has a huge task ahead of them, because how do you make the Empress of Tomorrow lose the title and head over to the main roster?

Keeping the Title on the Main Roster

One possibility is putting Asuka on the main roster with the NXT women’s title, just like Kevin Owens did when he got upgraded to the main roster. If they want to keep Asuka’s undefeated streak going, they could do this and then eventually make her relinquish the title when she gets the main roster championship.

Ember Moon

The only person who could take the title from Asuka realistically is Ember Moon in my opinion, even though there is lot of talent on the NXT roster who is just as deserving – for example Billy Kay.

Still, Asuka has beaten Billy Kay in the past in spectacular fashion, but got a dirty win over Ember Moon. Therefore, I think that Ember Moon has a big chance of taking the title in the nearby future.

I do need to mention that Billy Kay also deserves the title, but it would not make sense in my eyes at this time. I also believe that both Ember Moon and Billie Kay have the ability to carry the NXT brand once Asuka gets upgraded to the main roster.

Io Shirai

A new Japanese superstar has signed with the WWE, more specifically Io Shirai. Could she be the one to take the title from Asuka and continue the Japanese reign of NXT? Time will tell!

If you were a member of the WWE creative team, how would you make Asuka lose the title? Is it realistic to take the title from her now after a 174-0 undefeated streak? Let us know in the comment section below.

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