NXT Star Bianca Blair Reveals New “Hair Whip” Attack!


Up-and-coming NXT Star Bianca Blair is making a name for herself.

The former Crossfit competitor has gained a bit of notoriety with her impressive feats of athleticism and for calling out Charlotte to see who is “genetically superior.”

She has developed a name OUTSIDE of the ring, but at an NXT show in California, Blair showed that she is ready to make a big statement inside the ring as well.

I’ve seen a lot of unique offense in wrestling using every part of the body, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone used their HAIR like this!

You could hear the actual CRACK of the “whip” and the crowd wincing and cheering.

Wrestling is at its best when the absurd and the real collide. A “hair whip” sounds silly and unrealistic. Blair and Riot make it look, sound, and feel REAL!

Blair being on the road this early in her career AND being featured on WWE’s Youtube page is proof that the company sees a lot of money making potential in the athlete.

She’s probably still a bit of time away from the main roster but in her short time in NXT she’s already made impressive strides.

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