Ember Moon Injured – No Title Shot at Takeover

I was honestly upset when I heard about this because I was hoping for Ember Moon to take the title fromĀ Asuka; this would leave room for Asuka to make her debut on the main roster. Unfortunately, WWE officials have reported Ember Moon is injured.

Shoulder Injury

Ember Moon obtained her injury during the No. 1 Contender’s Battle Royal last week. The injury occurred when Asuka pushed Ember off the top of the turnbuckle and then launching her through the ropes. Ember landed badly on her shoulder as a result of the fall and could leave her out of the competition for four to five weeks.

What Happens Next?

Many believed (including myself) that Ember Moon would take the title from Asuka, leaving her with the freedom to go to the main roster. Since Ember Moon won’t be competing at Takeover, will anyone take the title from Asuka?

The Main Roster Women’s Division

For many months, I’ve wondered why they keep big stars such as Ember Moon and Asuka in NXT, but then I realized that there might not be a spot open in the main WWE story lines. If it were down to me, Asuka and Ember would be on the main roster already, but it seems like WWE creative does not have any openings at the moment.

If they are planning a good story line with Asuka (or Ember) on the main roster, then we are bound to find out soon. If there were plans for Asuka to lose the title, then the fatal 4-way is the best way to go about it.

Could Asuka Lose the Title?

Asuka is undefeated when it comes to title defenses, but these have been one-on-one title defenses. The WWE wants to protect Asuka at the moment, which means they won’t make her lose one-on-one. However, a fatal 4-way would not make her look weak, so a title change could still be in the cards.

Is Nikki Cross Taking the Title?

If Ember is not taking the title, then my next pick would be Nikki Cross. She has done some amazing work with Sanity, so if she should take the title, I would be interested to see a rivalry between Nikki Cross and Ember Moon. I’m convinced either of these two women can carry the NXT brand at the moment, so Asuka could still get an upgrade to the main roster.

What If Asuka Keeps the Title?

Another likely scenario is that Asuka keeps the title until the next match with Ember Moon, which could be the case if the WWE planned for Ember Moon to take the title in the first place. However, if plans for Asuka on the main roster are already in place, she could still lose the title to any of the other women in the planned fatal 4-way.


Since Asuka has become too big for the NXT brand, it is only a matter of time before she gets her upgrade to the main roster. I certainly can’t wait for matches with her on either SmackDown or RAW. Although, I’d die to see Asuka Vs. Charlotte or Asuka Vs. Alexa Bliss.

What do you want to happen to the NXT women’s title?

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