Triple H Declined To Bring Former WWE Stable Back To TV

Though some have hoped for it, reports indicate that Triple H declined to bring a former WWE stable back to TV.

Triple H Former WWE Stable
Credit: wwe

Though some have hoped for it, reports indicate that Triple H declined to bring a former WWE stable back to TV.

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Not all that long ago, The Hurt Business was a top faction on WWE programming. They surely could have gotten even bigger, if given the chance. While they were never on the same level as say, the Bloodline, they were good in their own way. Bobby Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander were a force to be reckoned with. But, all good things come to an end, and the group was broken up.

What’s going on?

triple h former wwe stable
Credit: wwe

We rarely see MVP anymore. When we do, he flanks Omos, who we also see exceedingly rarely. Lashley is not currently involved in any major programs either. Benjamin has since been released, though he has stated that he would welcome a chance to return to WWE. As for Cedric Alexander? We have seen him linked up with Ashanti, formerly of Hit Row, but that’s taking it’s sweet time to do anything.

Fans asked MVP about a reunion via an Instagram chat. Fightful was kind enough to summarize (because I don’t have an Insta account). As much as many fans have hoped for a reunion now that Hunter is in charge, per MVP, Triple H had the chance, was asked by former members of the group to do so, and thus far declined to do so. The best we have now is Lashley and the Street Profits.

I get not always running back every group “just because”. And, honestly, if WWE brought back Benjamin, I’d be just as keen to see him link up with Chad Gable and friends and revisit the old Team Angle and the World’s Greatest Tag Team. That said, WWE goes from having few factions, to several (Wyatt Sick6, new Bloodline, likely the old Bloodline). There is only so much time to go around, and that may be one reason why the former WWE stable may not be re-formed ever again. Though, we know MVP and friends have asked Triple H, but he denied WWE fans what they may have craved.

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