Is CM Punk Going To Be Cleared To Fight Drew McIntyre At SummerSlam?

The brutal angle we saw on Friday's SmackDown has some wondering: Is CM Punk going to be cleared to fight Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam?

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The brutal angle we saw on Friday’s SmackDown has some wondering: Is CM Punk going to be cleared to fight Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam?

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CM Punk and Drew McIntyre have been taking jabs at each other since the beginning of 2024, and yet we’ve yet to see them in a match one on one. That is thanks in large part due to the injury Punk sustained during the January Royal Rumble. Of course, the injury has not prevented the Second City Saint from getting involved, and he’s been solely focused on McIntyre.

For his part, Drew’s been laser focused on Punk too-mostly. After Punk cost him another title at Clash At The Castle, Drew briefly had us thinking he quit WWE. Except he then showed up on SmackDown, where we mostly saw the aftermath of a beating at the hands at the Scottish Psychopath. So, some are wondering-does that beating indicate Punk is almost back, or further away? And is that expected SummerSlam clash at risk?

So what is it?

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According to the Wrestling Observer, there are still concerns about Punk’s availability in time for this year’s SummerSlam. As such, the suggestion is that the company did the big angle on Friday to give them a potential excuse as to why we won’t see the two Superstars lock up in August. However, another and more reliable source countered that point.

While giving WWE an out is plausible, this explanation seems more fitting. Punk was not expected to be back fully for Money In The Bank. Knowing that, WWE re-wrote him off for a bit. SummerSlam is still far enough out that he should be back by then and the match seems locked in. Plus, Punk (or Larry or AJ Lee) could interject into the Money In The Bank ladder match. Costing Drew the match (assuming McIntyre qualifies) sets up the SummerSlam match. Not that it really needs much set up.

As others pointed out (and I did too), while the majority of the “attack” was off screen, not every bit was. As Drew dropped his victim on stage, CM Punk still took a bump that no doubt tested things. If there was any concern over things? I highly doubt WWE books Drew to dump Punk on stage and risk further issues.

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