Drew McIntyre Reveals Why AEW ‘Was Never A Consideration’ Before Re-Signing With WWE

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In a new interview, three-time WWE world champion Drew McIntyre revealed that going to another company like AEW was never even an option when he was renegotiating his new contract with his current employer.

In February, March, and April, Drew McIntyre went through a character evolution that has led to some of the best work of his impressive career. His bad guy with an understandable purpose was refreshing and it showed a new layer of the creative talent the Scottsman had. It also coincided with another major narrative about the former NXT champion.

As McIntyre made his journey to WrestleMania 40, there were various reports that his contract with WWE was going to expire not long after this year’s massive event. With him doing some of his best work, it bolstered his value just in time for a potential bidding war if he was able to hit the open market.

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However, in April it was revealed that the 38-year-old and the promotion had come to terms on a new deal that would keep him under the WWE banner for several more years. Many assumed AEW would have been a major player for his services if he hit free agency since they have thrown around huge contracts to other notable free agents recently.

However, during a chat this week with PW Insider McIntyre revealed that AEW, or any other promotion in the wrestling business, was never a consideration and his family situation was the biggest reason why negotiations with WWE took so long.

Drew McIntyre seriously considered taking an extended break from wrestling

drew mcintyre

“It was never a consideration. I’m wrestling with WWE,” McIntyre said. “I don’t think in the sense am I gonna go wrestle somewhere else, this is where I want to wrestle. I don’t want to be anywhere else but our family has gone through a lot over the past year. Things in my own family and my wife’s sister unfortunately passed a year ago yesterday. That was very difficult and I felt like I’m gonna have to take some serious time for my family.

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“There was a period where I was like, maybe I’m gonna have to take a little break and come back and some uncertainty. Thankfully as a family, we came together and WWE gave me the time I needed whenever I needed it during that period, and in the end, as a family, we came together. We had a conversation about what was best for us. The company was unbelievable with that and thankfully everybody is in a great place right now.”

Bringing back McIntyre was a big move for WWE and now officially sets up what will be some highly anticipated match with CM Punk when he returns from his torn tricep this summer.

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