WWE Monday Night RAW Results: Sheamus And Gunther Clash To Be King (5/6/24)

It's time for our Monday Night RAW results in a Nutshell, with Sheamus, Gunther and others clash to be king on this May 6th, 2024 edition.

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It’s time for our Monday Night RAW results in a Nutshell, with Sheamus, Gunther and others clash to be king on this May 6th, 2024 edition.

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It is our first Monday night RAW of May, and King And Queen of the Ring qualifiers are underway. Loads of matches this week on RAW, but the crown jewel of the evening stands to be Sheamus versus Gunther.

Quick Results:

Jey Uso defeats Finn Balor to advance in the King of the Ring tournament. Jey replaced Drew McIntyre, who was not medically cleared to perform.

IYO SKY defeats Natalya to advance in the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Ilja Dragunov and Ricochet gave us an absolutely sweet battle, but ultimately Dragunov moves on. He faces Jey in the next round.

Zoey Stark defeated Ivy Nile to earn her way into the next round of the Queen of the Ring tournament.

Bronson Reed and Chad Gable ended in a no contest when Sami Zayn interfered, going after Reed primarily.

Lyra Valkyria took out Dakota Kai to move on in the women’s bracket.

Gunther moves on in the tournament when Sheamus taps out.

Best Match:

Sheamus and Gunther would be the “Safe” choice, but for me, Dragunov and Ricochet cooked. Poor Ricochet got plenty of damage from this one too.

Monday Night RAW
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Worst Match:

If only because it ended in a no contest, Reed versus Gable.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Good crowd, but they are no Lyon.

Star of the Night

Congrats to all who advanced on both sides of the bracket. Nice to see some recent NXT grads win in their formal main roster debuts.

Spot of the Night:

Must have been a special on chops tonight. Ricochet got lit up by Ilja, and Sheamus did too, by Gunther.

Jobber of the Night:

None tonight

Upset of the Night:

Not sure there was one. I can’t say that everything went as you’d expect, but for the most part it did.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Yes, we really did hear it. Pat McAfee said that Natalya was dedicating her Queen of the Ring match to her uncle, Owen Hart. Now, either things are softening a touch, or some folks just don’t care. Honestly, considering that the man who Martha probably blames most is gone, I have to wonder.

LOL Moment of the night:

CM Punk showed up, right after Drew McIntyre left. Which of course means that Punk escaped the bathroom he was locked in at WWE Headquarters in Stamford.

Truth bringing in UConn coach Dan Hurley in, thinking that Awesome Truth could take on the Huskies for the next defense. It was just funny, calling the NCAA a “small time promotion”

Noteworthy Moment:

Dom is trying to now bring Carlito into the Judgement Day. Last Latino he tried, backfired. Priest was not having any of it either. The champ remembers what happened in Puerto Rico.

As much as I think some want to like Liv, she’s either got to turn heel, or this program will turn Becky. Liv came out to interrupt Becky Lynch’s time with Michael Cole. Liv bailed when Damage CTRL came down, but Lyra Valkyria came down to even the odds.

Also looks like Becky will defend against Liv at the King and Queen of the Ring PLE.

Sami will defend against not only Bronson Reed, but also Chad Gable, also at the PLE.

Credit: wwe

Overall lowlights:

Maybe the lack of a big surprise? Maybe knowing that Jey was taking Drew’s spot, instead of it being a surprise (and, possibly not Jey).

Overall highlights:

Overall, good start to the tournament. I liked what Sheamus and Gunther did, and it was worthy of the main event. But, we had quite a few matches tonight and a lot of them were very good.

Also enjoying the games between Morgan and Lynch. I get a feeling WWE is playing things close to the vest because one of those two comes out of that match a heel. Right now, I could still see it going either way, to be honest.

After the final bell:

Sheamus and Gunther clashed to see who might become king. We will not see Sheamus as king, but Gunther as king is still on the table.

Looking forward to some of these 2nd round matches, for sure. Though I do miss when basically every major tournament match happened on the same PPV. Though I understand why they don’t do that anymore. So what did you think of the latest episode of WWE Monday Night RAW?

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