Will Natalya Sign A New WWE Deal Soon, Or Will She Be Free Agent?

Here's a big question: will Natalya sign a new WWE deal soon, or will she be a free agent in 2024?

Natalya New Deal Free Agent
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Here’s a big question: will Natalya sign a new WWE deal soon, or will she be a free agent in 2024?

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It is honestly something some fans might consider an unthinkable question. Will Natalya sign a new WWE deal? Or could the daughter of a WWE Hall of Famer become a free agent? Her current deal is understood to be expiring later in 2024. We know from recent history that WWE is re-signing key talents to new deals. What we don’t know yet is where Natalya fits into that equation.

What we do also know is that WWE, under TKO guidance, have been a bit more deliberate when re-signing talent. On top of that, we’ve also seen a couple rounds of cuts and cost saving moves. Some talent saw deals not renewed. So, with a contract due to expire later in the year, could the backbone of the WWE women’s division be at risk of leaving the company?

Natalya New Deal Free Agent

What’s going on?

Fightful recently held a question and answer session, and Natalya’s status was brought up. Sean Ross Sapp confirmed that the sides have had talks about a deal. However, they have not struck a deal thus far. It is entirely possible that the two sides remain far apart and can’t come to an agreement.

But, all things considered, this seems unlikely. Natalya has been in the company for her entire career. She was in the company when the women’s title was the pink butterfly Divas Championship. Her husband happens to be one of the more respected producers for WWE. She really has no reason to leave. And, if it means something (and I think it does), it seems like we might be seeing a chance for her Uncle Owen to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Natalya dedicated her Queen of the Ring match to him, and this was said on-air. Under the former regime, there would be no chance any of that happens.

So, for now, she has an expiring deal still. But if I were a betting person, I would expect to see her sign a new contract soon enough rather than seeing Natalya become a free agent.

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