Triple H Blasts Reports About Reason For Drew Gulak’s WWE Exit

In a surprising moment following Backlash, Triple H blasts reports about the reason for Drew Gulak's WWE exit.

Triple H Drew Gulak WWE Exit
Credit: wwe

In a surprising moment following Backlash, Triple H blasts reports about the reason for Drew Gulak’s WWE exit.

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During the prime time SmackDown broadcast on May 3rd, word came out about a number of releases from the NXT brand. A number of pro wrestling news sites-including this one-included Gulak on that list. Until the reported release of Gable Steveson came out Saturday morning, Gulak’s was the most high profile name. And, many wrestling fans and pundits believed that Drew Gulak’s WWE exit was not a coincidence.

Around the time of Ronda Rousey’s “Let’s trash WWE” book tour, a stunning accusation was levied. She alleged that, during a backstage encounter with plenty of witnesses, Gulak grabbed for the string of her sweatpants. The bitter former WWE Superstar insinuated that Gulak had ill intent. For his part in the altercation, Gulak said he was trying to shake hands and inadvertently brushed it. For which, by the way, he confirmed he apologized. At face value, it seemed like an honest accident, though WWE was investigating. Given what else they are dealing with, you understand their concern.

Triple H Drew Gulak WWE Exit
Credit: wwe

So, when Drew Gulak was on the list? People leapt to conclusions. One French reporter asked Triple H about Drew Gulak following Backlash, siting two reputable sites as sources: Fightful and PWInsider. The thing is, Hunter blasted the reports, basically insinuating neither was a credible source. Now, of all the “dirt sheets” out there, neither of those mentioned is typically bad. If they get a report wrong, they do clarify. And rarely are they wrong, compared to most.

There were two points wrong with most statements, which Hunter clarified. Gulak was not released. It may be semantics, but his contract was said to not be renewed. This is the same thing happening for Scrypts. It is an important distinction, because a released talent has a non-compete period. An expired contract does not. He also would not lend any credence to the Rousey reasoning. It could be that it was one more item that made WWE opt not to bring him back, but since it was not a release, it seems unlikely to be the sole motivating factor.

Both Fightful and PWInsider have indicated that, through back channels, WWE apologized that they were specifically targeted. Anyone following this industry typically holds those two outlets in pretty high regard.

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