Was Liv Morgan’s Win Over Becky Lynch Contractually Motivated?

The 2024 King and Queen of the Ring opened with a surprise, and we can't help but ask: was Liv Morgan's win over Becky Lynch contractually motivated?

Liv Morgan Becky Lynch
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The 2024 King and Queen of the Ring opened with a surprise, and we can’t help but ask: was Liv Morgan’s win over Becky Lynch contractually motivated?

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Saturday, May 25th, 2024, gave us another of WWE’s annual treks to Saudi Arabia. This time, it was for the King and Queen of the Ring premium live event. As part of the card, Liv Morgan was challenging Becky Lynch for the Women’s World Championship. Lynch hasn’t held this gold all that long-she won it in a battle royal after Rhea Ripley was forced to vacate due to injury.

A runner up in that battle royal? Liv Morgan. She was close, but couldn’t bring the gold home. Instead, she had to fly halfway around the globe to get her one on one shot at The Man. And Morgan made the most of her opportunity. Perhaps she had a touch of help, intended or not. But Liv Morgan leaves Jeddah your new champ. Given Becky Lynch’s. oft discussed contract status, fans took to social media to wonder if the negotiations were going so badly that WWE wanted the belt off of Becky.

Right now, no insider sources have emerged to support that fan theory. Personally, I don’t think the change was motivated by that at all.

And here’s why.

Liv Morgan Becky Lynch
Credit: wwe

For one thing, I do think Becky re-signs. Her husband already has, and unless someone crazily blows her mind with an insane offer? No reason to not stick around. For another? WWE officials were keenly aware of her contract status heading into the battle royal. Meaning, they knew what was going on and didn’t have to give her a brief run with the gold if they were concerned about her status. But, as I believed then, as did others, doing it this way boosts Liv. If you have her win the gold in a battle royal, it feels nice. But if you have her pin one of the most accomplished women of her generation? It elevates her more, or it could.

Could there be other administrative motivation? Absolutely. Right now, I feel as though this was a move to boost Morgan and allow Becky Lynch to finally take some time off, as she’d planned to do before Rhea’s injury changed plans.

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