Randy Orton Picks WWE’s Next Big Superstar; Choice May Surprise Fans

Recently asked a big question, Randy Orton picks WWE's next big Superstar-his choice may surprise or even upset fans.

Randy Orton Next Big Superstar
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Recently asked a big question, Randy Orton picks WWE’s next big Superstar-his choice may surprise or even upset fans.

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The Viper was a recent guest on the Adam’s Apple podcast. During his visit, the host asked a variety of questions. One common one often posed to veterans? What up and coming talent reminds you of yourself, or who is the future of the business. It can be a tricky question. Plus, you could ask 10 Superstars and you’d get a wide variety of answers. So, who were Randy Orton’s call outs for who might be the next big Superstar?

Three names came up. Bron Breakker, Grayson Waller and Austin Theory were his picks, and it’s hard to argue with any of those three. But, of course, we could. If we were segmenting this by the men’s and women’s locker rooms, I would accept the omission of some names. Certainly Tiffany Stratton has to be in the conversation as well, but I digress.

Randy Orton Next Big Superstar

Orton named those three as the future of the company, but there was one of them whom he heaped the most praise on. Of the three, he noted that Austin Theory is more mature and prepared than Orton was at his age. Of course, in his early years in WWE, Randy Orton was brash, a 3rd generation Superstar and an extremely young world champion.

Theory isn’t a 3rd generation talent, but he oozes confidence and has enjoyed some significant pushing along the way. When Vince McMahon singles you out, well that used to be a good thing. He was also added to-and won-Money In The Bank. Even if his was one of the more terrible runs with the case, the future for Theory was on display. Top leaders in the company saw it, as do his peers. In twenty years, it seems likely that we may have someone asking a veteran Austin Theory those same questions.

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