Tiffany Stratton Knocked For Being A Barbie That Steals Moves From Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke)

Tiffany Stratton is a fan favorite in WWE, but TNA's own Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke) says the fellow wrestler stole her moves and gimmick.

Tiffany Stratton Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke)
Credit: WWE

Tiffany Stratton is a fan favorite in WWE, but TNA’s own Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke) says the fellow wrestler stole her moves and gimmick.

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Before NXT, nobody knew Tiffany Stratton. In fact, her time in NXT saw her briefly hold gold before being sent to the main roster. Then, despite being a heel, fans began to embrace the young star. She participated in the Elimination Chamber and even though she did not win, Tiffany stole the show. The crowd could not get enough of her and her spots were major highlights.

While Stratton continued to skyrocket, Dana Brooke was having a different experience. Dana worked really hard for WWE during her ten year run. Still, she was never featured as a top star and only has the 24/7 Championship to her name. Although, her reign with the title might have been the best. If anything, it is up there with R-Truth. Eventually, WWE did release Dana Brooke who would joined TNA. There, she goes as Ash by Elegance and her gimmick reminds many of Toni Storm in AEW.

A Tweet Caused All The Controversy

Tiffany Stratton Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke)

Now, a single tweet from a non-wrestler has created some negativity. It all started with a fan believing Tiffany has the best swanton bomb. Elegance responded by mocking Tiffany for being a knockoff Barbie who steals moves. After some fans threw heat at Elegance, she did not seem concerned.

Both women do have similar moves, but nowadays, everyone borrows moves from each other. Ash never became a standout in WWE, even though she worked hard. She seemed destined for a push in NXT before her sudden departure. Stratton is still very new to the business, but having the fans accept you can be the biggest hurdle. It will not happen right now, but she could certainly get another crack at gold on RAW or SmackDown. So, does Ash By Elegance (Dana Brooke) have a point about Tiffany Stratton being a Barbie who only steals moves and gimmicks?

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