Matt Hardy Reveals Why He Has Not Re-Signed With AEW, And It Will Likely Block A Return To WWE As Well

Matt Hardy
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Matt Hardy recently went into detail about why he has not yet re-signed with AEW, and it likely will be the same reason he does not have a fourth stint with another former employer, WWE.

Rumors began earlier this year that Matt Hardy’s contract with AEW was nearing its end. However, most assumed the man who was part of the legendary Hardy Boyz tag team would probably re-sign since he has been nothing but complimentary about his time working for AEW boss Tony Khan.

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But in April it was revealed that the two sides never came to terms on a new deal and he was officially a free agent again. Even before his contract with AEW ended there was speculation that a fourth run with WWE looked very possible. Then in April, it seemed like he had gone in a different direction when he made a surprise return for TNA at their Rebellion event.

However, it was revealed soon after that he was working under a per-appearance agreement with TNA and was still available to the highest bidder. Furthermore, Hardy has maintained he is still in discussions with AEW. During a new edition of his “Ask Matt Hardy Anything” series on his YouTube channel, he spoke about that further as well as gave more details on why they have not agreed to a new deal.

Matt Hardy looking for a prominent role in his next promotion

“I think the reason that I did not re-sign with AEW initially was because I want to play a more substantial role in what AEW is doing going forward, especially for me on TV. I want to be in something that is important, that is captivating, because that’s what I want, especially with only a few years left to do this. We talked about some stuff and there were some deals, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. We talked more and we’re still talking, talks haven’t ended or ceased.

Never say never, but the reason I left is I’m looking for a little more than I think they were thinking to give me. If they were thinking that was going to make me happy, that’s not necessarily what I was looking for. I still want to be a contributing force on whatever program I am competing for.”

– Matt Hardy

While Hardy should look for a situation that makes him happy, that sort of role is also not going to come with WWE. Under the new leadership of Paul Levesque, the company is investing more in top stars in their prime and building young stars. Hardy getting a prominent role at nearly 50, and not anywhere near the performer he once was, in WWE is very unlikely.

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