Kevin Owens Reveals WWE Contract Status And Future Wrestling Plans

Kevin Owens WWE Contract Status
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A lot has been made about Superstars staying with, or leaving the company-and now Kevin Owens reveals his WWE contract status and future wrestling plans.

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Superstars come and go, and 2024 will be no different. WWE has already given us some releases in the last month. We’ve seen Jinder Mahal exit the company. There have been a number of cuts from NXT as well. Some contracts have not been renewed, which is ever so slightly different. At the same time, we know that some contract extensions have been agreed to. Or, in some cases, new talent have gotten new contracts. For instance, we all know the Bloodline is expanding with some new blood. Those talents don’t work without contracts.

Kevin Owens WWE Contract Status
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Heading in to 2024, we knew a few major talents had expiring deals. Drew McIntyre’s was expiring after WrestleMania, but has since been extended. Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch both had deals expiring this year as well. News broke just recently that Rollins had re-signed with WWE. There is one other deal expiring this year that we can discuss as well-the contract status of Kevin Owens.

Not going anywhere?

Normally, the whispers come from sources. This news, however, comes straight from Owens himself. The popular WWE Superstar was interviewed by Metro, and got candid about his WWE contract status and future plans. Per Owen, his contract currently runs out in nine months. The interview was given over the weekend, with Owens in France for the now-concluded Backlash.

So, if you are someone who can look at a calendar or do math, that means that Kevin Owens should be under contract to WWE until at least February of 2025. This is of course contingent on nothing happening between now and then, like a serious injury. As far as his future plans? Owens was quite blunt and said that he wants to remain with WWE as long as they will have him. Basically called WWE home, that he’s been there for 10 years and he has no plans to exit the company. While that does not help him for negotiating leverage, it does not sound like he particularly cares. So, is the latest Kevin Owens WWE contract status what you wanted to hear?

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