After Complications From Childbirth, Will Carmella Wrestle In WWE Again?

She may be a happy new mom, but after complications from childbirth, will Carmella wrestle in WWE again?

Carmella Wrestle WWE Again
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She may be a happy new mom, but after complications from childbirth, will Carmella wrestle in WWE again?.

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The birth of a child is supposed to be a happy time. Everyone loves babies, right? OK, maybe not everyone. But to new parents, welcoming their bundles of joy is an exciting time. Of course, what is often also exciting is the idea of getting back to life before the pregnancy. That can especially be the case for someone who wasn’t able to work because of the baby on the way. In recent years, WWE has seen a number of Superstars miss time due to becoming moms. Becky Lynch dropped her title during the pandemic before baby Roux arrived. More recently, Alexa Bliss and Carmella have been away enjoying motherhood. While rumors about a Bliss return soon are getting louder, things are quieter for Carmella.

There is a reason for that.

Carmella Wrestle WWE Again

New mom Carmella opened up on Nikki and Brie Garcia’s podcast about what’s going on. She was up front about wanting to get back to the ring. She misses the action and her fellow Superstars, and surely she wants another title run. But, with childbirth comes risks and the possibility of complications. The former women’s champion was up front with her former locker room mates. She was in labor for 60 hours, and did have at least one complication. Unfortunately, she’s still dealing with it today, and it makes us ask if Carmella might ever wrestle in WWE again.

During birth, she sustained nerve damage due to herniated disks. These nerves are causing a condition known as drop foot. As you might suspect, drop foot presents a mobility issue. As the WWE Superstar noted, the nerve damage is impacting her right foot, such that she is basically limping around. That cannot be easy with a baby to take care of. And worse, it would certainly impact a highly mobile and active job, such as pro wrestler. So for now, she wants a return. Her body currently is not playing nice, calling into question her timetable for any return.

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