New AEW TV Deal Could Be For Far Less Money Than Originally Expected After Warners/Discovery Loses NBA Content

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While the assumption was that AEW’s next TV deal could land the company a billion-dollar return, a new report suggests that may not be the case.

AEW could use some good news away from the ring. While a case could be made that the upstart company delivers the best bell-to-bell wrestling in the Western Hemisphere, the results away from the ring have not been good. The company has delivered frustratingly low television ratings lately and venues for events have been half full.

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However, the hope has been that negotiations on a new television will bring the company bigger revenue than the previous deal, as well as long-term financial stability. This time last year there were rumblings that a potential contract extension with current TV partner Warner Bros./Discovery could net the company a billion-dollar deal. That may no longer be the case based on a new report.

In a new edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, veteran reporter Dave Meltzer claimed a source with ties to both wrestling and television suggested that Warners Bros./Discovery could end up being paid less by cable and streaming companies after losing the television rights to the NBA earlier this week.

If they are making less revenue, it means they will likely fork over less than expected to AEW in a new television rights deal. Especially with ratings not being strong for the wrestling company’s product, it obviously doesn’t provide content that can fill the void left by the NBA.

That is why Warner Bros./Discovery is likely to shift gears and try to throw big bucks at television rights for college football, or even the UFC. The company was in discussions for the rights to WWE but lost the chase to Netflix and the USA Network.

WB/Discovery is likely to be the most prominent company interested in AEW content which puts them in a position to get the best deal possible for the corporate conglomerate.

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