AEW Deal
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All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) television deal is winding to a close this year. Rumor has it they are on the cusp of inking a new one with Warner Bros.

AEW Close To Inking $1 Billion TV Deal

There’s been a ton of buzz about wrestling shows and TV contracts, lately. WWE is one, being sold to Endeavor recently, and apparently, their two shows working to renegotiate television agreeements, which is why Vince McMahon stayed on board.

However, AEW is another promotion rumored to be working on a new TV contract, too. If this goes through, it’ll be a major one.

According to reports, the promotion’s first TV contract with Warner Bros. Discovery was signed in 2019. It was supposed to span for approximately four years.

Therefore, it makes sense that a new one would need to be negotiated. There’s been a buzz about how big this television agreement would be.

Well, from the sounds of it, it should be a ginormous one. According to writer Ryan Frederick from the Wrestling Observer board, the promotion is on the cusp of signing a five-year contract with Warner Bros for $1 billion.

AEW Deal
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If this happens, the new agreement would ensure all of the promotion’s programming is exclusive to WBD, and its networks. This includes Dynamite, All Access, a new Saturday show (still unannounced) called Collision, as well as possible exclusive streaming rights for all future pay-per-views (PPV).

That’s a pretty major programming contract, for both Warner and the wrestling company. In addition, if this is all about to be signed, it would offer up an explanation as to why Dark and Dark: Elevation hit the chopping block.

Both YouTube shows could have been included in the Warner Bros. Discovery negotiations, but nixed by the conglomerate for whatever reason. After all, the shows they do have above do provide a ton of programming.

AEW Deal
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Plus, all content will be available to all their networks, including its streaming service HBO Max. Only time will tell if this deal ends up going through.