Could Jerry Lawler And Jim Ross Get The Band Back Together?

On the heels of The King's WWE time running out, could Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross get the band back together?

Jerry Lawler Jim Ross
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On the heels of The King’s WWE time running out, could Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross get the band back together?

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It has been a long time since one of the more memorable announce teams has called matches together. Lawler and Ross were major voices on RAW during some big moments for the brand. But Jim Ross has been in AEW since the beginning, and Lawler remained under contract with WWE. In more recent years, The King has had some health issues. Those issues have caused issues, including with speaking. With those challenges, any announcing cameos would be difficult.

Could it happen?

Then, more recently, it was confirmed that Lawler’s WWE talent contract had expired. Considering what he has been going through, the move was not totally shocking. He has not been able to handle any sort of work, so a renewal didn’t make a ton of sense. Of course, it is worth pointing out, as was confirmed after the expiration made news, that Jerry Lawler does remain under a Legends deal with WWE.

Jerry Lawler Jim Ross

However, ignoring the Legends deal for a minute, it had not stopped fans from wondering if we could get a Ross-Lawler reunion. In fact, even Jim Ross wondered and discussed it. The legendary voice was recently a guest on Busted Open. During his visit, he was asked about a possible reunion. Ross is known to still speak to his former broadcast partner regularly enough. He believes that a one-off special reunion in AEW could happen, should the company maybe run through Memphis. Given what he’s gone through, neither King nor Ross wants to go on the road full time again, and I don’t blame them.

But, as fun as it is to dream, I have to wonder if that Legends deal gets in the way. Even with WWE trouncing AEW in every measurable category that matters (and Metlzer’s 5 star ratings don’t), it seems highly unlikely that current leadership would allow anyone under a Legends deal to appear for AEW in any capacity.

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